Save big money on vehicle repair costs, BIG MONEY! Here we help you understand our industry better

Since the start of the year we have been emphasising on just how you can save thousands of pounds on vehicle servicing from our garage pictured below avoiding high main dealer prices.


We would like to invite you to spend even a few minutes or a whole hour and read the articles we have been writing recently on our blog.

This is your chance to learn about the vehicle service industry. This is your chance to have a little more information that can lead you to big savings when it comes to repair and vehicle servicing.

For example. If you have bought a brand new car from a main dealer and have been given a 3 year warranty and the main dealer says you must always go to them for vehicle servicing, this is not true. Under Block Exemption regulation you are perfectly entitled to shop around and go to local independent garages for vehicle servicing, your warranty will still be intact and non void. The main dealer cannot force you to use their garage over and over charging you high prices.

In our articles we go from making price comparison examples, we show you how specialist we are when it comes to vehicle technology and vehicle servicing, what you can do with savings and more information about Block Exemption regulation. All of this information can help you save money. Only last month did we save a Nissan vehicle owner £4200 on vehicle servicing, these articles are well worth a read.

The articles will help give you a useful insight to the vehicle service industry increasing your understanding. We hope that here you have found a specialist garage that can offer the same level of service as main dealers at a much better price. We are committed to our customers making a £100,000 investment in upgrading our garage facilities, this demonstrates our commitment to our customers offering the best and most reliable vehicle servicing in Cardiff.

Just below we have outlined the articles we have written, if your on the mobile phone or computer click or press the links below and have a good read.

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