Let us help you in these uncertain Covid19 times

So, the UK has put in place a quarantine rule for all holiday makers visiting and returning from Spain. This just goes to show that everything we have been talking about is true, the air of uncertainty is still out there.

This justifies what we have been saying and writing about on our blog. Everything until a vaccine is found for Covid19 is shrouded in uncertainty. Therefore, we have been highlighting the need to take care of your own economy while we are in uncertain times. What do we mean?

Your pennies and pound coins have to stretch as far as they can, you need to be conscious that in the autumn and winter months there could be a second spike of Covid19, so it is always best to prepare for the future and save money now.

Here at A1 Diagnostics even before this pandemic hit, we always looked after our customers both on price, and on service reliability. We are here to support all new customers and existing customers through this pandemic now and in the long term, helping you make those pennies and pound coins stretch as far as they can when it comes to vehicle servicing.

Avoid main dealers and backstreet garages

If you are trying to save money then you need to avoid main dealers and backstreet garages, we cannot stress this enough. Remember that main dealers are paying for the brand name to sell vehicles for manufacturers, their hourly labour rates range from £120 an hour plus, and that does not include the parts you need, you could end up with a hefty bill.

Backstreet garages are notorious for being unreliable when it comes to vehicle servicing, they simply do not have the right equipment and advanced technology to pinpoint exact faults on modern day vehicles. Unreliable servicing means your going to be heading back to the garage quicker than you want to, and sadly faced with more bills to pay.

Choose A1 Diagnostics as your new specialist Independent garage

Our garage has been around for quite some time now, we have over 15 years’ experience in vehicle servicing and have serviced hundreds if not thousands of vehicles from our garage workshop pictured below.

It does not matter what the problem you have we can solve the issue. At the end of the day you need a garage that is fully kitted out with dealer level technology like us, we have all of the equipment to ensure that we find the exact faults with your vehicle and fix them, no guess work like backstreet garages, we get to the heart of the issue and reliably repair your vehicle.

Contact us

Contact us and let us discuss all your vehicle servicing needs. We are here to support you through whatever this pandemic throw’s at us. We have full social distancing measures in place at our garage, we have taken every precaution to ensure all our workers and customers are safe. You will not just be safe from this virus at our garage but safe on service reliability and safe on price. Use our contact details below to get in touch with us we are happy to help.

Contact A1 Diagnostics

Get in touch today for expert advice or to book your vehicle in for an MOT we are happy to help you with any vehicle queries you have.

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Opening Times

Mon – Fri: 8:00am – 6:00pm

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