Let us maintenance your vehicles engine at affordable prices

During lockdown we were still open with limited staff, that did not stop us from taking on all the big engine jobs while implementing full social distancing rules. We have mechanics that have years of experience when it comes to rebuilding and reconditioning engines of all vehicle brands and types.

The photos below show two engines we recently rebuilt.

Why is it better to rebuild the engine rather than buy a new vehicle? The reason is simple, taking this approach WILL SAVE YOU MONEY. New vehicles and cars from big brands can cost you anything up to £20,000 to £30,000. Well here at A1 Diagnostics we can recondition your engine making it as good as new at a fraction of the cost of buying a new vehicle.

Here are our experienced mechanics refitting a fully reconditioned engine.

Our customer saved thousands of pounds with us. If he had gone to a main dealer he would have been charged a lot more than we charge. That is not to say that our work is any different from a main dealer, at our independent garage we pride ourselves on supporting motorists with fair and affordable vehicle servicing.

In these unprecedented times people need all the help they can get, if you can get a quality saving on whatever your need is you should take it, and that is the same for your vehicle servicing needs, don’t go to a main dealer where you will pay high bills, go to an independent garage like ours that offer reliable vehicle servicing and it won’t cost you your arms and your legs.

If you need one more reason to come to our car garage then here it is, in 2019 we were audited by Bosch, we passed the audit with flying colours, check out our certificate.

This is more slam dunk evidence that we are the garage you can turn to that you can trust, that will save you money and reliably service your vehicle whatever brand it is.

So to conclude, if you’re the sentimental type as most motorists we know are, then book your car in with us and let us see how we can save the engine, rebuild it and give it back to you as good as knew, leaving your car or vehicle purring out on the road, our contact details are shown below.

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