The number one Carbon DPF cleaning service now up and running in Cardiff

Over the past three years we have always stated exactly how much we invest in vehicle maintenance equipment. Investing in vehicle maintenance equipment to the same standard as main dealers is important to us as it only allows us to deliver a reliable and first class service.

So, here we go again. Our next bit of kit is called the Carbon Clean machine, the equipment is pictured below at our garage workshop.

Let’s explain a little more on what this equipment does and why it may interest you. Firstly the Carbon Clean equipment is designed to clean any carbon build up within your engine. We are talking about oil dust, sludge and any forms of carbon that could cause future damage to your engine.

If carbon builds up in your engine then this can lead to all kind’s of long term problems. Carbon that builds up can cause high fuel consumption as the engine will work less efficiently burning more fuel.

If there is carbon build up then this can cause other mechanical components to fail or work less efficiently, for example, the pistons may snap or the timing belt can snap causing serious engine damage and can also cause you to have a serious repair bill.

Here are a few symptoms you maybe experiencing with the engine and when its time to bring the car in for a carbon clean.

1) The engine is smoking and there is a lot of smoke coming from the exhaust pipe.

2) EGR Light is on.

3) The engine management light is on.

4) The vehicle is not starting easily.

5) There are a high number of emissions coming from the vehicle.

6) The DPF becomes blocked.

7) You are experiencing high fuel consumption.

8) The vehicle is not able to apply the correct amount of power down on to the road.

The Carbon Clean machine is an investment of £3000 by our garage. This machine will help your engine in the long run, if carbon builds up in the engine then this can lead to all kinds of future problems as we have outlined earlier. Keeping the engine nice and clean will help your vehicle run smoothly and efficiently and save you money in the long run.

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