We offer an MOT trade service to car dealers and independent garages

If you are a main car dealer or a smaller independent garage and need help with carrying out MOT’s on vehicles and cars we can help. We have just invested in two state of the art vehicle MOT test lanes at our car garage pictured below in Cardiff based in Sloper Road.


We have invested in these test lanes so that we can MOT twice as many cars and vehicles keeping up with demand. The MOT test lanes we have are shown in the photos below.


These MOT test lanes allow us to MOT vehicles of all shapes, sizes and brands of car. But above all the test lanes we have invested in are certified by BOSCH and allow us to carry out thorough checks on cars and vehicles. The upside for car owners owning German manufactured cars like Mercedes, BMW, Audi, Volkswagen and SKODA vehicles along with other German brands is these MOT test lanes are specially designed for German vehicles.

Because our test lanes are fully geared to handle German manufactured vehicles means more reliable MOT testing. Our test lanes will ensure nothing is missed if there is a problem with your vehicle. The number one thing when carrying out an MOT is to ensure the vehicle is safe, our test lanes will miss nothing and ensure vehicles are thoroughly checked ensuring safety.

These MOT test lanes are not only test lanes but we can also carry out a number of other services from the ramps. For example, if you don’t have the technology in your garage or car dealership to realign wheel tracking and align the wheels when they go out of sync we can help. Our new MOT test lanes allow us to ensure a cars tracking and steering is functioning correctly when out on the road ensuring safety when the car owner is out on the road.

Here are photos of our mechanics working on the wheel alignment and tracking of a vehicle shown below.


If you are a car dealership or independent garage in Cardiff or in the South Wales area then why not arrange a meeting and see how we can help you with the technology we have at our garage workshop.

We are committed to investing in technology all year round. In the past 12 months we have invested over £50,000 in new equipment and facilities. We want the best for our customers but above all to offer the best most reliable vehicle servicing in Cardiff and South Wales at affordable prices. These investments show we are committed to the cause and when you become a customer you can rest assure we will continually bring you the best facilities.

We invest so you don’t have to saving you the money but benefitting from our affordable trade prices. We want to build healthy relationships with new customers and are aware you need to be making profits from the cars and vehicles you bring to us and want you to be able to make profits helping your car dealership or independent garage.

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