We offer an affordable vehicle trade service to car body shops

If you carry out car body repairs, car cosmetics (shown below), car body spray paints for your customers and they are experiencing problems with the mechanics of their vehicle then we can help.

We service hundreds of cars and vehicles for car body traders every year from our garage workshop pictured below based at Sloper Road opposite the Cardiff City Stadium.


Why choose our garage to carry out vehicle servicing trade work

Only last year did we spend £100,000 upgrading our garage with all of the latest vehicle technology in the industry. Having the most up-to-date vehicle technology only allows us to offer reliable vehicle servicing to the trade.

We have all of the specialist facilities to service vehicles no matter what the fault is from engine repairs, brake servicing, MOT work, general vehicle servicing and a whole lot more. The photos below show a range of brand new technology we have invested in at out garage with a short description of each facility.

Firstly we have photos of our dedicated ramp for German vehicles. This specialist ramp helps us offer reliable vehicle servicing for all makes of vehicle especially German manufactured vehicles.


Secondly we have photos of our brand new electrical bay. This bay helps us diagnose electrical faults with vehicle engines of all major brands. Having this onsite only helps us deliver servicing for our customers.


Thirdly we have photos of our new Autologic computer. We can plug our Autologic computer into your vehicle giving us all of the latest fault code information for vehicles of all major brands. This computer helps us deliver fast and reliable vehicle servicing.


Lastly we look at our brand new ADAS system. We invested £5000 in a new ADAS system which stands for Advanced Driver Assist Systems, these are systems that help assist drivers when parking, camera controls for visuals, cruise control assists when out on the motorway and other assisted systems.

When these systems misconfigure overtime they will need reconfiguring. Because we have a specialist ADAS system we can reconfigure driver assisted systems from our electrical bay.

The ADAS technology we have in our electrical bay is shown below.

There is no job too big or too small for us either, we can go from completely rebuilding engines to the smaller problems like electric window faults, there is nothing that we wont tackle when it comes to vehicle servicing.

More examples of how our specialist facilities helps us service our customers

Major brands are introducing new technology to their vehicles all of the time year after year. This makes it very difficult for smaller garages to service the newer car’s as they don’t have the facilities to keep up with how to service new technology on the latest models of vehicle.

Here are examples of how we service the latest vehicles and cars using our specialist facilities. Pictured below we have a Mercedes GLA 200d only one years old on our ramp.


This is not just any old ramp though, this is a £50,000 investment made by us ensuring we can service vehicles to the highest standard. What’s special about this ramp is it is dedicated for German vehicles and designed for all the latest models of German manufactured cars.

The Mercedes GLA 200d owner brought his vehicle to the garage as he was hearing whistling noises coming from the engine, he was also experiencing power problems when applying the accelerator pedal. We diagnosed the problem and it was clear to see what the problem was.

The turbo boost pipe had split, the air was rushing out through the split causing the whistling noise. We replaced the pipe and solved the problem. The point being in this scenario is, because we have a dedicated ramp for German manufactured vehicles we were able to diagnose the problem quickly and reliably.

If you go to other garages and they do not have specialist facilities you might get incorrect vehicle diagnosis especially if the model of the vehicle is brand new.

Examples on how we save our customers money

Not only do we have the best facilities at our car garage but we also save our customers money compared to main dealers when it comes to vehicle servicing. Below we give an example of a retail customer we serviced recently.

Pictured below we have a Nissan vehicle on the ramp.


The problem with this vehicle was the cam belt had snapped on the engine causing all kinds of engine damage. The owner went to the main dealer and was quoted a total of £6000 to carry out the work, this was expensive for the owner. He therefore looked around for better prices.

He found our garage and we quoted a total of £1800 to carry out the same work, sourcing the same high quality engine parts and offering the best reliable servicing using our specialist equipment.

The Nissan owner is back on the road with a new cam belt on the engine and all additional engine work carried out.

The Nissan owner saved £4200.

If you are using a main dealer for a trade service and the prices maybe a little high then why not give us a chance to show you how we compare. As we have continually mentioned we have all of the best facilities and latest technology to service all vehicles affordably and reliably.

Get in touch and let us show you our trade prices.

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