Make sure you get your oil changed or checked every 2000 miles

It is important to get your oil changed in your vehicle every 2000 miles you have driven out on the road. But know this if you know nothing about cars or vehicles, oil in a car is as important as blood in our veins without oil then the vehicle will simply not work.

Here is an example of our car mechanics replacing the oil filter and oil in a vehicle at our Cardiff based garage.

Oil is very important for the vehicle to function but if you need an oil change then it is also relatively inexpensive to replace or top up. Oil is important as it ensures components of the vehicle work efficiently such as the engine and gearbox.

But let’s look at this specifically. Take the engine for instance and why the oil is important. Without oil then carbon, dust and dirt would build up inside the engine causing everything to cease and to work inefficiently, oil keeps everything smooth and moist. Oil is important inside the engine as it keeps the engine cool. In the engine, there are hundreds of thousands of sparks and combustion’s going on which cause heat, the oil in the engine takes away the heat and keeps the engine working at a temperature that is safe, if you take the oil away then the engine will likely explode and blow up.

As we mentioned just now oil collects the carbon and dust inside vehicle components, over time the oil will thicken and will end up like muddy black sludge. This is when you need and must change the oil in your car or vehicle as thick sludge oil will be far less efficient.

When you decide to change the oil after driving out on the road for 3000 miles or more then what oil should you consider using. Well, for every vehicle there can be a different oil recommended by the vehicle brand manufacturer. If you bring the vehicle to our garage then do not worry. We have software we can use to find out what the recommended type of oil to use for your vehicle.

Ok, so let’s conclude. We have given you some of the reasons why oil is important and how it is like blood in our veins. But make sure that when the oil needs replacing or checking you get it checked. Would it be better to spend anything from £79 to get the oil replaced or would you like a bill for a engine rebuild for £2000. It really is that simple.

Either or though we can also rebuild engines if the engine goes bang, but here we are simply wanting to keep motorists informed on just how important oil checks are because these checks can save you money in the long run and we are a car garage that like to save our customers money.

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