Why getting the oil levels checked in your vehicle is important

We had a Ford Transit vehicle owner come to our garage pictured below experiencing engine gremlins.

We have recently written about how important oil checks are and how you should get the oil changed after driving out on the road for 3000 miles. Well here is a perfect example why you should get the oil checked and replaced if needed.

The Ford engine had completely ceased and there was wear and tear all over the engine. This led to lots of repair work that needed to be carried out on the engine such as:

New timing chain

New cam shaft

New crankshaft reground

New bearings

New piston rings

New oil pump

If the oil had been regularly checked and replaced the vehicle owner could have saved a lot of money on repairs. Here is a photo of the engine rusty and dusty pictured below.

Here is the engine being rebuilt at our garage workshop well-oiled with new components installed.

If the oil is not checked then you could end up facing a hefty bill, this engine rebuild pictured above cost well over £1000. We ask this question? What would you prefer to check the oil and replace the oil costing anything from £79 or would you rather bill’s for over £1000 for engine rebuilds.

We can rebuild engines no problem at all, but hopefully this shows the integrity and honesty of our garage all we want to do is save motorists money. That is our number one goal honest reliable vehicle servicing at the right prices.

Here is a testimonial from one of our happy customers highlighting just how reliable we are on price, it is a long testimonial but don’t worry it is well worth the read as it shows how we are saving motorists money.

“Wonderful service from A1 Diagnostics. I had been to three garages to repair my BMW petrol which had a misfire, everyone told me I would need to spend £2000 to £3000 for the repair. Being honest I also told the garage that I had been quoted this kind of money from three other garages. I rang A1 Diagnostics and booked my car in for a diagnostic costing £65.00 + VAT and what a diagnostic I had!

The car was repaired and has been working the best it ever has since I purchased it. Best of all the total bill was £140.00 Inc VAT for my repair!!!!!!! what a saving.
I was prepared to pay up to £3000.00 and told them but they didn’t con me in anyway shape or form thank you for the work and honesty.

Thank you to the team….. I will highly recommend them and be back!!


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