Our electrical bay is the most reliable for electrical vehicle fault finding

We have an electrical bay here at our garage, this means we can diagnose and repair anything electrical on your vehicle. We have invested in a state of the art electrical bay that is kitted out with all of the latest electrical diagnostics technology. Investing in advanced technology means we are able to reliably diagnose the faults on your vehicle.

We pride ourselves on reliable vehicle servicing. You should be weary and incredibly careful when going to backstreet garages to sort out electrical faults on your vehicle, Why? Because putting it simply the backstreet garages are in prehistoric age, they simply do not have the technology needed to diagnose the most modern day vehicles, their diagnosis on vehicles comes down to guess work and that is where the backstreet mechanics become un-reliable.

Here are photos of our electrical bay.

We currently have a Volkswagen, Range Rover, Mercedes, and Audi in the electrical bay. These cars are all experiencing a range of electrical faults. The Volkswagen vehicle is having electrical problems retracting the roof, it only retracts halfway up and stops dead, this is a clear electrical fault.

The Audi vehicle is having problems with the car’s security alarm, it works intermittently, this suggests that the electrical power needed to power the alarm is being limited. This is a a clear fault with the programming of the computer of the car, we sorted this electrical gremlin out and the security alarm works beautifully.

We have electrical vehicle technicians that have been working in the vehicle trade for decades. We invest in the best because it ensures we service your electrical faults reliably and quickly at the best possible prices.

In the times that we are in can you afford to go to a garage that cannot pin-point the exact electrical faults. Unreliable electrical servicing means you could be going back and forward to the garage facing new bills. Only last week we had one motorist come to us who had spent thousands trying to rectify a problem with his vehicle. The garage he went to diagnosed problems that were not even there, ordered parts in and replaced them but that did not solve the problem, the motorist was left with more bills to pay and left with a vehicle that continued to limp out on the road.

The question is this. Can you afford to pay thousands of pounds over the odds on vehicle servicing? Covid19 has left the country in a real precarious position, yes the lockdown is coming to an end now with infections and deaths dropping, however if you look at Australia currently in their winter season, the infection rate’s are rising again.

In the event of a second lockdown you are going to need to make sure your pennies stretch as far as they can stretch. So, take our advice and do not go to backstreet garages who do not have the facilities to service your car reliably, they could cost you thousands.

Contact us here at A1 Diagnostics, we are an honest car garage offering reliable vehicle servicing at the best prices. We are supporting all of our customers and motorists in this pandemic ensuring they receive only the best vehicle servicing at the best prices. Our contact details are below.

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