Our recent vehicle service work

Today we look at some of the work being carried out from our garage workshop. We have all kinds of vehicles from German manufactured vehicles to continental vehicles receiving vehicle maintenance services. It does not matter what the gremlin you have with your vehicle, there is no job too big or too small for us, so, let us take a look at some of the work we are undertaking.

First up on the ramp we have a BMW vehicle.

This vehicle was billowing smoke from the exhausts and was losing power when applying the speed accelerator. If you are experiencing signs like this the obvious problem is you have a turbo problem. When you’re losing power and the exhaust is billowing out white smoke then the likelihood is your turbo has burnt out and it needs replacing. That is exactly what we did for this BMW vehicle, we had to take the engine out of the body, and then replace the turbo, here is a photo of the engine.

Removing the engine is quite a complex task, and you must be very careful ensuring everything is removed correctly and put back together correctly. For this very reason it is important to pick a garage that know what they are doing. Going to a garage in the backstreets could be an expensive trip, you may think that you are getting a cheaper job by going to a backstreet garage but that is far from the truth.

Backstreet garages are not well acquainted with the most complex of vehicles, and remember manufacturers are designing their vehicles as complex as rocket ships. Designing complex vehicles means the motorist is forced to go to main dealers and will be faced with paying higher bills. A backstreet garage will base their analysis of faults on guess work, they may end up fixing a problem that was not even the problem.

You need a garage that invests in high tech equipment so that the exact fault can be pin-pointed and solved. If you go away from the backstreet garage and find, then a few hours later you have the same problem you will go back to the garage and be faced with even more bills. So, the lesson is go to a garage like ours that have all the equipment need to successfully diagnose the fault with your vehicle and a service that does not cost the earth either.

Next up we have a Volkswagen vehicle in for a gearbox service, the gearbox was slipping and clunking when trying to change gear. We replaced the gearbox and the vehicle is now back out on the road running smoothly, here are photos of the vehicle.

Last up we have another BMW vehicle going through its MOT. This motorist came in as they were well past their MOT date, they were ok though as the government extension on getting your MOT certificate was extended during the Covid19 lockdown. Here is the vehicle going through its MOT.

The vehicle failed and had bald tyres, this made the vehicle un-roadworthy, and that is the danger of the extension that the government have given during the lockdown to get your MOT certificate. Yes, we understand the reasons behind the extension, but we appeal to motorists to be vigilant with their vehicle and check things like the tyres, you do not want an accident out on the road.

If you have any queries, then get in touch. We are happy to help with any information you need with regards to your vehicle servicing needs.

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