Here are photos of vehicles we service showing you diversity in our car servicing skills

We recently wrote about how we can service all major vehicle brands. So we are going to continue that theme now and show you just how equipped we are in offering car maintenance and servicing for all major brands. In this publication we aim to show you photos of vehicle service work showing the diversity we offer in servicing major vehicle brands of all models from our garage pictured below.


As you can see from the photos we service vehicles and brands of all types. Yes we are German vehicle specialists, but it doesn’t matter what brand of vehicle you own, we can service it.

We start off with a Mercedes Sprinter up on the ramp having the brakes replaced.

A Mini vehicle being serviced from our car garage.

A Porsche vehicle having its wheels aligned on our tracking and alignment ramp.

A VolksWagen car having its wheels aligned and tracking realigned on our vehicle ramp.

An Audi vehicle in for a service at our car garage.

A Peugeot vehicle in having its timing chain replaced.

A Land Rover vehicle in for a vehicle service at the garage.

A Mercedes vehicle in for servicing on one of our vehicle ramps.

We even service Honda. Here we have a Honda car in for servicing.

Here we have a Vauxhall car up on the ramp having all four wheels replaced and the low wishbone replaced from the garage.

A Volvo vehicle in for servicing.

A Chrysler 300 in to the garage having its alternator replaced after experiencing problems.

A Ford vehicle in for a standard service after clocking many miles out on the road.

A Ford Transit Van in for a service. There is no vehicle too big or too small for us to service.

A Nissan car in the garage after it was experiencing brake problems. We found that the ABS pump needed replacing. We saved the vehicle owner £1000 as he went to a main dealer and was quoted £2500, we sourced the part and fitted it for £1500.

A Jaguar XKR vehicle in for many modifications from a new engine, gearbox, electrical system and a whole range of changes all carried out from our car garage.


We have all of the specialist facilities at our car garage. We invest heavily in vehicle technology always ensuring our mechanics have the best and most reliable facilities, having the best technology allows us to carry our reliable vehicle servicing for our customers.

Here are photos of some of the facilities and technology we have under our car garage roof that enables us to deliver reliable car servicing.


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