Pick a garage that invest in their mechanics

We have always said it, the independent garage that invests in their mechanics will always deliver vehicle servicing reliably. Over the last few weeks we have been talking about our facilities and how important it is to invest in vehicle technology, so today we are going to take the time time to say why it is important to invest in the mechanics as well.

Firstly, our mechanics are the friendliest and most experienced in Cardiff. We have invested in them and there is no job too big or too little for them. If you need an engine change they can do it, if you need a gearbox reconditioned and fitted they can do it, lastly, if you need something simple like a light bulb changed they can do it. Here are some of our experienced garage mechanics who have been working for our garage for many years.

We always ensure that full training is available for our mechanics. When the most modern of vehicles are brought fresh on the market, we ensure all our mechanics receive the necessary training in order to service them reliably.

In our last blog article, we gave you several tips and advice on how to pick the right garage to use. One of our tips was to ask the garage how much experience the mechanics have? You do not want to have a mechanic looking at your vehicle who does not have a lot of experience, especially on the most modern day of vehicles.

If you’re going to get a reliable job done on your vehicle you need mechanics that know what they are doing, what to look for and how to fix the fault first time around. The last thing you want as a motorist is your vehicle breaking down only days or even hours after it has been serviced at a garage, you need the faults fixed first time round, one, so that you keep your service bills down, and two, so that you don’t have to come back and forward to the garage with the same problems.

Specialist electrical mechanics

Yes we have experienced mechanical technicians, but we also have mechanics who are specialist in electrical fault finding. You may have a number of electrical problems on your vehicle from, the window roof not retracting, the electric windows not working as they should, the engine could have electrical issues, whatever the electrical issue’s you are experiencing with your vehicle we have the electrical mechanics here under our garage roof that can help.

All of our electrical mechanics are trained to work on the most modern day vehicle. Here are a range of photos of vehicles lined up receiving electrical servicing.

Contact us

If you are experiencing any problems with your vehicle then get in touch we can help. We have specialist mechanics here to help you with any problem, from the little things, to the big things, we wont let you down on price and promise to service your vehicle reliably.

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