We are ready and waiting for the next 3000 cars to service from our garage workshop

Over Christmas we haven’t rested on our laurels. We spent a few extra hours making sure our facility is up to the standards our customers expect, we treated our floor and gave it the coat of paint it needed. We are ready for the next 3000 cars to be serviced from the garage floor pictured below.

With over 3000 cars coming in and out of the workshop over the course of a year you can imagine this leaves quite a muddy trail coming in out of the garage. We take pride in our workshop as we also take pride in the service we provide your cars and vehicles, on price and the reliability of our service.

We invest in the very best vehicle technology so its important that our workshop is spick and span. We like to provide an environment that is clean and tidy for our mechanics and a garage they can take pride in.

Here are photos of cars already coming into the garage ready to attack our freshly painted floor.

We have grown from having 5 ramps in the workshop to having 11 ramps. This means we have the capacity to service up to 20 cars every day. It doesn’t matter what problem you are experiencing with your car, it does not matter how big or small the problem is we can help you.

Our famous motto is “there is no job too big or too small for us”. If you have a problem with the boot lock we will fix it, if the engine goes boom we will fix it, if the gearbox goes clunk we will fix it. Not only will we fix any problems but we will fix them reliably and at the most affordable prices compared to main dealers.

Throughout 2017 we have been pushing this example, so, why not mention it one more time because in honesty it is a key point. Pictured below we have a Nissan vehicle on the ramp.

The timing chain snapped on the vehicle which caused all kinds of gremlins in the engine. The Nissan vehicle owner went to the main dealers to see what the costs of the engine repairs would be. The main dealer quoted £6000 to replace the timing chain as well as repair the engine damage caused by the snap. You can imagine being told to pay £6000 is quite a shock to the system, the vehicle owner shopped around and thankfully found us.

We quoted £1800 to replace the timing chain as well as carry out the engine repair work. This saved the vehicle owner £4200. We gained a new happy customer who is coming back for more services and with a healthier bank balance. This is how we help our customers we provide a reliable service at the right prices.

So, come and see our nice new shiny floor, come and see our garage facility all kitted out with the latest vehicle technology, you are very welcome to come and make an appointment with us to discuss your vehicles needs over the next 12 months, from MOT, servicing and other dilemmas you might experience.

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