Five reasons to get your brakes serviced with A1 Diagnostics

It is very busy at our vehicle service garage with vehicles coming and going out of the garage every day shown below. We carry out lots of servicing and maintenance work on many ranges of vehicles from vans, Lorries and cars especially German manufactured vehicles from Mercedes, BMW, Volkswagen, Skoda and Audi, but the question is why do so many vehicle owners trust our service?


Well the answer is simple we have years of experience in the motor trade, we have happy clients who go away satisfied with the work undertaken knowing how reliable we are and the prices we charge. So in this blog article we are going to look at the brakes aspect of vehicle servicing. This past week we have serviced over 8 vehicles brakes (see a picture taken below) and replaced the brake pads ensuring the reliability and safety of the vehicle are to the highest standard.


So here are five great reasons to use our brake service here at A1 Diagnostics.

1) We offer a free brakes inspection on your vehicle and assess if your brakes are safe or need servicing, if the brakes are good we will let you know the good news and we do not just look for faults we are open and honest and will give you the honest assessment and it won’t cost you anything.

2) Our mechanics have years of experience in vehicle servicing and maintenance repair on many ranges of vehicles so you know when you leave your vehicle with us it is in safe hands.

3) We offer a fast turnaround, we can get your vehicle in and replace the brake pads very quickly and within the day depending on schedule, but we keep you fully informed of leads times.

4) We invest heavily in equipment every year and in 2015 we invested in over £20,000 in equipment ensuring our mechanics have all of the best equipment and facilities giving you the best possible service that is reliable.

5) We won’t be beaten on price! Fact! We are known by our customers to be very competitive on price and that’s why our customers remain loyal as we service vehicles at great prices and they know the servicing is reliable. Our customers know they won’t be coming back time and again to the garage for more repairs like other vehicle owners do at other Cardiff based garages.

We hope this has given you some food for thought and if you go to other garages but have not been happy with the service we hope these reasons have given you good reason to come to us and we will service your vehicles brakes at a great price and a fast turnaround.

One last thing to mention as well, we were recently acknowledged by BOSCH for outstanding achievement in a recent audit for producing outstanding results from our Cardiff based service garage. To read more on this award and certification follow the link below and in this article you can also see more examples of how we have saved customers money avoiding high main dealers prices.

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