A recap on how A1 Diagnostics save motorists money on vehicle repair

A1 Diagnostics have been established for over 10 years servicing thousands of vehicles from our garage pictured below.

Throughout our blog you will see how we pass price advantages on to motorists saving them money, for example, we have had motorists come to our garage being quoted high prices from main dealers to repair their car, one example being a motorist was quoted £6000 to change an engine, however we have repaired the engine and pin-pointed the exact fault and carried out the work for £1800.

The point is when you deal with vehicle garages you have to be wise, if garages cannot find the fault they come up with recommendations such as change the whole engine which costs a bomb. Here at A1 Diagnostics we have all of the latest technology and software to pin-point exact faults with vehicle engines, this means we can get to the heart of a problem fixing that problem and doing the job for far less prices compared with main dealers.

Here is a photo of one of our computers checking for faults on a Mercedes vehicle.

You also have to be careful when dealing with back street garages, backstreet garages do not have the technology or want to invest in technology because it is so expensive, back street garages guess what is wrong with your vehicle and that is a dangerous game to play as you will just keep coming back and back and back with the same problem time and again costing you more money.

The only way to ensure a fast turnaround of vehicle repair is to work with a garage like ours. We have all of the technology to pin-point the exact faults with the vehicle and get them repaired quickly and reliably at the right prices.

Don’t be stung by backstreet garages or main dealer garages, come to us and we will take care of your vehicle requirements from start to finish and build a relationship with you long term for service plans and more.

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