Remap your engine for better fuel consumption

We have been posting lots of information on our blog over the past 6 months letting you know about our specific services from engine rebuilds, gearbox reconditioning and many other services. So here we go again here is another service we have introduced called:

“Engine Remapping”

We have already remapped lots of vehicle engines from BMW, Audi, Mercedes and brands of all types from our Cardiff based garage workshop shown below, but the question is why have we introduced engine remapping for our customers.


We have introduced the engine remapping service as a lot of our customers do comment and let us know that they are consuming high volumes of fuel when driving their vehicles out on the road.

We are very customer responsive and driven by our customers’ needs and above all are looking for ways to save our customers money, so we introduced the engine remapping service to re-program the vehicles Electronic Control Unit which is a hugely important component of the vehicle that controls fuel consumption and other important features of your vehicle.

We have invested in new equipment and software of up to £6000 that enables us to remap and reconfigure the ECU in the vehicle and re-program it in a way where the ECU talks more efficiently to your engine especially when it comes to fuel consumption.

When should you consider engine remapping?

If you are experiencing high fuel consumption then it may be time for you to consider getting advice and think about remapping your engine updating the existing ECU software as new software might be available, new software can help your ECU talk better with your vehicles engine especially making the fuel consumption more efficient.

If you are a person who is out on the road a lot and will spend hundreds of pounds on fuel, imagine with a new engine remap how much money you could save on fuel yearly. If your vehicle is used for business purposes or even for family that money saved at the end of the year can be invested in something else.

So the question is simple? Are you noticing high levels of fuel consumption if so get in touch with us and we can give you advice and a very competitive quote for engine remapping, we are very price conscious and refuse to be beaten on price from the local competition. Not only do we have the equipment we also have the mechanics who have years of experience in the motor trade, we have years of experience in the motor trade and are well established having hundreds of happy customers, so when you deal with us you know you will be in good hands.

The other benefits of engine remapping

Not only will you save money on fuel consumption but engine remapping will also improve your overall vehicle performance, for example how power is distributed throughout the vehicle giving you a much smoother and efficient drive.

We invest in top equipment for our customers.

Here are photos of the software and equipment we have invested in for our customers, over £6000 of equipment and it is not the first time we have invested in top equipment for our customers.



Read the article linked below showing you more equipment we have recently invested in, we are driven by our customers and they deserve the best in servicing and having the best equipment helps us achieve the very best.

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