We repair, recondition and fit gearboxes for vehicles of all shapes and sizes

We can recondition, repair and fit gearboxes in vehicles and cars of all shapes and sizes. Whether your vehicle is a small car or a big van we have all of the facilities to replace your gearbox getting your vehicle back out on the road in no time.

Here we look at vehicle work carried out for a Vauxhall van. The vehicle owner who is also a small business owner came to the garage as the van was finding it very hard to select gears when out on the road. We put the van on the ramp and took the old gearbox (pictured below) out to see what was going on inside and it was clear to see what the problems were.


Inside the gearbox you have components called syncros and selectors. These components are very important as they help the gearbox change and select gears when instructed by the driver. What had happened with this vehicles gearbox is the syncros and selectors had become faulty and corroded which is why the vehicle owner was having to fight to select gears.

Because there was so much damage inside the gearbox we rang the vehicle owner and advised the best option would be to fit a new rconditioned gearbox and replace the old one, not only that, we also advised that while the van was on the ramp in the garage (pictured below) it would be good practice to change the clutch at the same time as it was fairly old.


The reason we changed the clutch at the same time is if there was a problem with the clutch in six months time, the vehicle owner would have to comeback to the garage and we would need to completely strip the gearbox to get to the clutch, that would have taken a lot of time and the owner of the vehicle would have been faced with another large bill.

In this case we only charged £100 for the clutch replacement and saved the vehicle owner on the labour for fitting a clutch replacement as the van was already on our ramp in the garage.

Here are photos of our mechanics working on the van and fitting the reconditioned gearbox and clutch.


We work closely with our sister company Major Motors who are the biggest gearbox stockist in Wales and Cardiff.

Check out the shelving and racking full of gearbox stock shown in the photos below.


Because we have quick access to this stock means we can service vehicles quickly not having to wait 2 to 3 weeks for gearboxes to be delivered. We can get on with the work straight away and turnaround vehicle servicing in two working days in most cases.

If you need any advice on any gearbox related issues then get in touch with us. We have all of the facilities and years of experience servicing cars and vehicles from our Cardiff based car garage pictured below.


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