We are up and running in 2016 – Cardiff’s Number 1 vehicle service garage

Well we hope you had a great Christmas and celebrated the New Year in style. We are already off to a flyer in 2016, here is an overview of our latest vehicle service work carried out at our Cardiff based garage (pictured below) which once again shows our diverse skill set and demonstrates there is no job we can’t handle from the more complicated servicing to some of the simple stuff.


Our first job to highlight out skill set is an Audi A5 vehicle pictured below. The owner was having problems opening and closing the roof canopy, he brought the vehicle in for us to take a look and we repaired the fault and the roof canopy on the vehicle is now opening and closing perfectly.


The next vehicle pictured below is a BMW 1 Series. The owner brought the vehicle in as it was due for a full service, on inspection we found the brake pads and discs had warn to a level where they needed replacing, we replaced the brake discs and the vehicle is now back out on the road having received a full service.


Pictured below we have a Mercedes C-Class vehicle. The owner brought the vehicle to our garage as they were experiencing problems with the engine overheating, on inspection we found that the thermostat had become faulty and was not cooling the engine as it should once the engine had reached its peak temperature, we replaced the thermostat and the vehicles engine is now operating at the correct temperatures.


We are known for our expertise with German manufactured vehicles like Audi, Mercedes and BMW but we can also service other makes of vehicles like the Ford S-MAX pictured below. On inspection we found that the camshaft needed replacing as the timing belt on the engine had snapped, we made the necessary repairs and the owner is now driving out on the road with the vehicle running smoothly.


Pictured below we have a BMW 5 series vehicle. The ECU (Engine Control Unit) on the vehicle had become faulty and the owner was getting all kinds of faulty readings from incorrect engine lights displaying on the dashboard and irregular fuel readings saying the car was low on fuel when it actually was not. We replaced the ECU and the vehicle is now displaying all of the correct readings and the owner is not getting false engine lights displaying on the dashboard.


Pictured below we have a Vauxhall Vivaro van. The owner was experiencing all kinds of engine problems on the vehicle, after close inspection we found a number of problems. As there were lots of problems with the engine we recommended that it would be more cost effective to install a quality low mileage engine and as we are Cardiff’s biggest stockist of low mileage engines we also had one in stock. The vehicle owner went ahead with the engine replacement and is now back out on the road.



If you want to read more on a whole range of vehicle service work we have been carrying out from our Cardiff based service garage view the articles written below in September, October and in November 2015, this will once again further highlight our vehicle service work skill set showing we are the best vehicle service garage in Cardiff.

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