How we save car owners money on vehicle servicing avoiding high priced main dealer costs

We need to let people know that we can save them money, simples! When it comes to car problems and you need repair work carried out from our garage workshop pictured below, we can save you huge amounts of money. But how?


Well here we look at some of the examples where we can save you money compared with high priced main dealer’s. We have had emails from customers complaining that dealer prices are just far to high and this is the reason they are coming to us because we are far more cost effective and, remember just as specialist in car and vehicle servicing as the main dealer’s.

Take for instance this Nissan vehicle. shown below.

The Nissan vehicle owner came to our car garage experiencing braking problems. It was found that the ABS pump needed replacing. Firstly though the vehicle owner went to the main dealer to get the problem fixed however, the owner was quoted a price of £2500 to replace and fit the new ABS pump. This was obviously quite a chunk of change. With the price being very high the Nissan vehicle owner shopped around and luckily came to us.

We diagnosed the problem with the Nissan vehicle and, yes there was a problem with the ABS pump. We quoted a total of £1000 to carry out the work from sourcing a quality ABS pump and fitting it. We saved the Nissan vehicle owner a total of £1500.

Another example is another Nissan vehicle brought to the garage, pictured below.


The problem with this Nissan vehicle is the cam belt on the engine had failed. The owner of the vehicle went to the main dealer and to replace the cam belt and carry out the engine repair work the main dealer quoted £6000. This being another chunk of change, the owner shopped around and luckily found us. We replaced the cam belt on the engine and carried out all of the necessary engine repairs and did so for £1800, this being a £4200 saving for the Nissan vehicle owner.

Lastly we look at an email sent to us recently from a Ford vehicle owner. The email is shown and outlined below.

From: Ford vehicle owner


Subject: EGR valve replace


My car is going into safemode and giving lots of error codes. The (Ford) dealers
checked it out & found the EGR valve needed replacing. Its costs too much to replace with
Ford. Could you please give an estimate of cost to replace the EGR valve.


This is another classic example of how main dealers are giving high prices to car and vehicle owners. So here in this publication we hope that this has given you good reason to shop around when you need vehicle service work carried out.

We have given you some great examples of how we can save you big amounts of money when it comes to vehicle servicing. We are geared up to service the very latest models of vehicles as well as the older models.

We invest in the best vehicle technology and only last year did we upgrade our garage with £100,000 worth of brand new technology to ensure our customers receive only the best and most reliable vehicle servicing. So get in touch and let us help you save money, offering a reliable specialist service.

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