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We have been very busy since re-opening the garage to full capacity since lockdown. Let’s assess why? Firstly, our garage pictured below has been operating for nearly more than 15 years, we have built fantastic relationships with our customers.

What does this mean? Built a relationship. Well it is quite simple, we offer reliable vehicle servicing at fair prices, but what does this mean? It means we fix or for a better word repair your vehicle pin pointing the exact faults getting them rectified. When promoting our business, we have always fixed our attentions on two things, and we are not going to stop, these points are.

1) Avoid high price main dealers

2) Avoid backstreet garages

We are going to continue to emphasise these points to our existing customers and our future customers, and here is why?

Main dealers

When you go to a main dealer when there is a fault with your vehicle you could end up with a hefty bill. Do not be under any illusion when you go to main dealers you are paying for the brand name. Main dealer’s have licenses to pay for that brand and that is where costs for their customers rise.

Hourly labour rates can range from any anything from £120 per hour plus. If you have a fault and it takes all day to fix a fault then that is going to cost you your arms and legs in hourly labour rates never mind the vehicle parts that you need.

Backstreet garages

Again instead of saying don’t be under any illusions, we simply say don’t be crazy and go to a backstreet garage especially if you have a very modern day vehicle that needs service work. Why do we say this?

Backstreet garages are like dinosaurs accept they do not go extinct unfortunately, but hopefully as brand manufacturers such as Audi and Mercedes turn their vehicles in to complex efficient rocket ships, we may see back street garages decline, why? Because the backstreet garages cannot service the most modern-day vehicle.

Backstreet garages carry out guess work analysis on vehicle faults, they do not have the technology to pin point the exact faults, this means they end up fixing something there was nothing wrong with, the customer goes back out on the road and before you know it they are going back to the garage with the exact same fault, this leads to more bills and labour rates having to be paid.

Independent garages that invest in technology

If you decide to make wise choices and avoid main dealers and backstreet garages, then that’s your first step to finding a new independent garage, but what do you need to look out for in an independent garage?

Well here is a short bit of advice. One, ask for a price and quote, if you get a price of £70 per hour for labour rates your in a good position, ask the garage if they have all of the latest dealer level technology to find exact faults, those two tips could lead you to saving a lot of money and a whole bunch of headaches.

So, our last big tip is choose A1 Diagnostics, we have all of the technology to service your vehicle reliably and do so without it costing your arms and legs.

Get in touch our contact details are below.

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