We can service air conditioning systems of vehicle brands of all types

It does not matter what car brand you drive, whether the car you get around in is a Mercedes, Audi, Yaris, Vauxhall or BMW, whatever it is we can service the air conditioning system. We have received five star reviews from a whole range of vehicle owners happy with the service received from our garage pictured below.

Here is a Yaris vehicle owner giving us a five star review after servicing the air conditioning system.

“I had my air conditioning on my Yaris serviced today, with a full diagnostic check and re-gas, excellent service, good honest help and advice throughout, at last my A.C. doesn’t smell like mouldy bread. Thank you so much A1 Diagnostics some honest people, who don’t rip you off because you are female. Definitely worth the drive from Bridgend.

Our next five star review was given to us from a Mercedes vehicle owner, she was really happy after receiving a vehicle air conditioning service.

“Thank you for repairing my Mercedes A Class Airconditioning today, was in well need of some cold air today.”

The reason we are showing you these reviews is to give you confidence in our air conditioning services. It does not matter what vehicle you drive we will fix or service your air con system.

Over the past 12 months we have been informing motorists of the risks of dealing with backstreet garages. If you go to a backstreet garage having heard of some amazing air conditioning system offer then you might be at risk of only getting half a service when it comes to the air conditioning system.

Most backstreet garages are only interested in making the fast buck, they only recharge the air con system and do not check for leaks or pump out the bacteria build up. You will pay for the recharge but if you have a leak in the pumps then the air con is only going to keep you cool for a short space of time, you then have to get the air con regassed costing you more money when it should be lasting for a full 12 months.

Backstreet garages do not have the latest vehicle technology and air con units that ensure a reliable service. We have a state of the art electrical bay where we carry out all of our air conditioning services, here is one of our specialist air conditioning mechanics working on a Nissan vehicle.

Here is a BMW vehicle receiving a air conditioning service.

Here is what is included in our air conditioning service costing £99 + VAT.

1) We check for leaks in the air con system.

2) We use high quality PAG oil to lubricate the compressor and pumps in your air con system.

3) We vacuum and remove the bacteria built up in your air con system over time.

4) We fully re-charge and gas refil the system if no leaks are found on test.

So, watchout for really cheap deals, you might end up getting into more problems, use a garage like ours that has over 10 plus years experience servicing vehicle brands of all types.

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