We service hundreds upon hundreds of Audi vehicles from our Audi workshop

Firstly we are going to write a few words about our Audi Garage. We service hundreds upon hundreds of Audi vehicles from our Audi garage. We have all of the latest Audi vehicle technology which allows us to offer the most relibale Audi servicing in Cardiff.

It doesnt matter what your problem is we are here to help you and your Audi vehicle. We are fair on price and we do not charge high costs compared with other garages. We believe in offering a fair service that is both fair to us and our customers. We want customers to keep coming back and to use the services we offer throughout the year.

We offer a wide ranging number of services. If you need a standard service where we change the oil and the oil filter in your Audi vehicle we can do this and do it in under an hour. If it is a hot summer and your Audi vehicle is sweltering because the air conditioning service is not working properly then we can service that to. We have all of the latest air conditioning tech to ensure your air con is working up to scratch keeping you cool when out on the road.

We invest in the best mechanics who have years of experience in the Audi service trade. If you are having problems with the engine in your Audi Car or Audi vehicle then we can solve it. Whether the vehicle is a sports Audi model or a TT we can fix any engine related problems no matter what the model.

The photos below show an Audi R8 vehicle. Here we stripped the engine down as it had a valve become faulty and stopped the vehicle from moving forward.

We replaced the faulty valve and the vehicle is back out on the road. The Audi vehicle pictured below an A6 came into our garage as the engine was overheating.

It was clear to see what happened with the engine. The head on the gasket had snapped causing the engine to overheat. We replaced the head which is shown in the picture below and the engine is now out on the road and the vehicle running at the correct operating temperature.

The point we are making here is it doesnt matter what the problem is. If the headlight bulb has blown we can replace it, if the engine has gone bang we can replace that or repair it, if the brakes need replacing we can replace those as well. Our Audi garage workshop pictured below is one of the most advanced.

We invest in all of the latest vehicle technology. In the last 18 months we have spent £100,000 investing in Audi vehicle technology, this enables us to offer a reliable service pin pointing exact faults getting them repaired quickly and efficiently at the best prices.

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