We service vehicles and cars of all major brands and models

Yes we are specialists in German manufactured cars and vehicles, but we are also specialists in other major brands like Renault, Hyundai, Vauxhall and a whole range of continental cars and vehicles. This week alone we have had a diverse range of vehicles being serviced from our garage workshop shown below.

We have had Hyundai’s, Vauxhalls, Renaults and Nissans flying up on to the ramps. We provide vehicle maintenance and car repairs for all makes of cars and vehicles. It doesn’t matter how big or small the problem is, we are here to help you and have mechanics with years of experience with specialist knowledge in all major car brands. Our main goal is to help you get back out on the road in no time.

Here are a range of photos showing you a diverse selection of vehicle brands we service.

Our mechanics all work together as a team servicing your cars and vehicles whatever brand make or model they are. Here are photos of our team working on a Toyota car brought to the garage as the vehicle was experiencing engine problems.

Our mechanics checked out the engine and could see that the piston rings and timing chain had become faulty. The timing chain is important as it keeps the engine ticking over, problems with the timing chain can be a big problem, if the timing chain does not function or snaps then the whole engine will come to a stand still along with the vehicle out on the road.

Pictured below we have a continental car on the ramp. The Nissan car was experiencing engine problems when out on the road.

We took the engine out of the car and could see what the problems were. The piston rings had become faulty and bent, and the crank shaft had also become faulty, if the crank shaft is broke then your car wont move in a forwards direction.

If you are having any kind of problems with your vehicle get in touch we are here to help. If the wind wipers are broke we can replace them, if the electric windows are not working we can repair them, if the engine has gone BANG we can repair or replace the engine, there is no job too big or too small for our garage. We have literally seen it all servicing hundreds and hundreds of cars of all major brands every year from our car garage.

We even do the old car classics. Check out this Morris Minor pictured below.

A real car classic brought to the garage in all kinds of bad conditions. We fully refurbished this car classic from the engine, the wheels, the interior and the electronics, pictures are shown below.

We can service old bangers, major vehicle brands with all of the latest technology, it doesn’t matter what it is bring it to us, we will get the job done at the best most affordable prices.

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