When it comes to servicing brand new models of car we are the right garage to turn to

As new technology is continually added to major brands of vehicles and cars it is getting harder for garages to stay in touch with that technology.

But not for us here at A1 Diagnostics. We invest and upgrade our garage with all of the latest vehicle service technology and invest in mechanics with years of experience in the motor trade. This only enables us to offer the most reliable vehicle servicing in Cardiff from our garage pictured below.

So here we want to reassure you that if you have purchased a brand new vehicle then we are well equipped to service that vehicle at affordable prices as well. Here we look at some of the more newer cars heading to our garage for service work. We start off and look at two brand new Mercedes cars less than two years old.

The Mercedes car and vehicle pictured below is a Mercedes GLA 200d.

The vehicle owner was hearing whistling noises coming from the engine and experiencing power problems, when putting the accelerator pedal down the car was not accelerating as it should.

We diagnosed the problem using our specialist technology at our garage and could see the turbo boost pipe had split. This was causing the whistling sound as the air escaped from the crack in the turbo boost pipe. We replaced the turbo boost pipe and the Mercedes vehicle is now back out on the road running fine with no power problems.

The Mercedes vehicle shown below is less than two years old.

It is important for you to know that we have all of the specialist technology to diagnose engine faults, clutch problems and more complicated issues. But with this Mercedes vehicle the problem was a lot more simpler. The head rest had broke. We simply replaced the head rest and the Mercedes is now back with the owner, all problems solved.

It is worth telling you about that job because we can go from carrying out engine rebuilds, gearbox reconditioning, installing new clutches to the smaller jobs like repairing head rests. There is no job too big or too small for us, we are here to help our customers whatever the problem is.

Lastly we look at a brand new BMW 118 car pictured below.

Only a year old and the vehicle was in for its 1 year service having clocked some good miles out on the road. We checked over the vehicle from top to bottom using our specialist technology. The vehicle was in very good condition. The only thing we had to service and give much attention to was the oil filters.

So as you can see we are not afraid to service vehicles from major brands that are brand new. We have all of the specialist technology needed to service your car reliably and at fair prices much more affordable than that of the main dealer.

While we are at it. We may as well give you an example of how much more affordable we are than main dealers. Below we have a Nissan car pictured on the ramp at the garage.

The problem with this vehicle was it had a cam belt failure on the engine and needed additional engine repair work. The Nissan owner went to the main dealers where they were quoted £6000 to carry out the work on the engine, this being a high price the owner shopped around and luckily came to us. We quoted £1800 and carried out all of the engine repair work and replaced the cam belt.

This saved the Nissan vehicle owner £4200.

We hope you have enjoyed learning about our garage that little bit more and if you have a brand new vehicle and are experiencing problems then why not get in touch we could save you thousands as the example above.

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