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We are going to continue with our specialist theme in April. We want motorists in Cardiff to know just how specialist we are when it comes to servicing the very latest vehicles being manufactured by major car brands. We continue to say it, there is no job too big or too small for us, we can service anything from engine repairs to electric window faults and more from our garage workshop pictured below.


Major car brands continue to add technology to their vehicles. This makes brand new vehicles very hard for independent garages to service, but that does not apply to us. We invest in the very best garage facilities ensuring that we stay in touch with the vehicle servicing industry technology.

Take this recent Mercedes vehicle pictured below. Only one years old, straight off the assembly line more or less.


The Mercedes owner was having problems with the power steering. The pump that gives the steering that extra added ummpphh was damaged and leaking. We replaced the pump and the power steering is working perfectly and is back out on the road in tip top condition but above all safe out on the road.


What you need to consider here is this. If you had taken the vehicle to the main dealer, they would have charged you a very high price to service the power steering. Finding a specialist garage like ours means we can carry out vehicle service work at more affordable prices, replacing parts like the pump mentioned above to the same high quality as a main dealer.

We know exactly how our new customers feel. We get email after email saying that the main dealers are just to expensive when it comes to vehicle servicing. The reason the Mercedes owner came to our garage who had the power steering issue was because he was quoted a huge figure by the main dealer to replace the pump. We carried out the work and were 50% more affordable than the main dealer.

Check out the email below from a ford vehicle owner, another example of a customer who needed to find another garage because main dealer prices are just far to high.

From: Ford vehicle owner

Sent: 20 February 2017


Subject: EGR valve replace


My car is going into safemode and giving lots of error codes. The (Ford) dealers
checked it out & found the EGR valve needed replacing. Its costs too much to replace with
Ford. Could you please give an estimate of cost to replace the EGR valve.


We have given this example a lot over the past few weeks but its an important example. A Nissan vehicle owner came to our garage having been quoted by the main dealer £6000 for engine repair work to be carried out. This was a huge figure. The Nissan vehicle is pictured below on one of our ramps.


What had happened was the cam belt on the engine had snapped, the engine came to a grinding stand still and caused more additional damage to the engine. We quoted £1800 to carry out the engine repair work.

This is a saving of £4200.

If you would like more information on how we are a specialist vehicle service garage and how we can help you when it comes to saving money, or you want to see just how specialist we are read the articles below we wrote in March. These will help you learn more about our industry but above all how we can help you.

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