Signs your clutch needs servicing

We have recently talked about how we can supply and fit low mileage engines and recondition gearboxes but we haven’t yet talked about how we are Cardiff’s number one clutch service centre. So here is a blog post to let you know about the signs that your clutch needs checking at our vehicle service garage pictured below.


Firstly here is a little information about the clutch

The clutch is a very important part of your vehicle after all without it the vehicle would not be able to function. The clutch is an essential part of your vehicles gearbox and engages the engine helping select the gears needed for the vehicle to move forwards, we are sure however that most drivers are aware of the clutch functions but do you know when your clutch needs servicing or replacing? Here are the signs that your clutch needs looking at and what to look out for.

Are you experiencing difficulty selecting gears?

A sure fire sign that you are having clutch problems is you are experiencing problems selecting the gears needed to drive the vehicle forwards. Normally a clutch that is working perfectly will select gears with no problem at all smoothly and efficiently, however if the clutch is on the way out you will experience problems changing gears from delays in the selection and you will find yourself fighting to change the gear, if this is happening then you need to check the clutch.

Can you smell rotten eggs in your vehicle?

If you can smell an eggy rotten sulphur smell in your car then this is a sign that your clutch is on the way out and your vehicle needs a new one. What causes the burning smell is the fact there is no material left on the clutch engaging the gears causing friction. If there is no material on the clutch this means the clutch will often slip so if you feel the clutch slipping along with the eggy smell it is time to check the clutch out and bring the vehicle in for servicing.

Has your biting point changed?

When your clutch was working we bet you knew and felt exactly where your bite point on the vehicle was, if it has changed this means the clutch may have been damaged and your bite point has changed, as the clutch continues to be warn and damaged the bite point will continue to change this is another sign to get the vehicle into the garage and to check whether the clutch needs repairing or replacing.

Does your clutch feel spongy?

If your clutch feels lose, soft or spongy this is one sign that you need to look at the clutch and get it serviced before any more damage is done, neglecting the spongy signs can lead to a complete failure of the clutch leading to costly maintenance, but if you get your vehicle in for a clutch service the repairs could be simple leading to less costly repairs.

Can you see for yourself where the damage is?

If you are vehicle savvy and have some experience in checking on your vehicle’s mechanics you can see if there is clutch damage yourself. If you pop the hood and know where to locate the clutch you will be able to see if the clutch is damaged, remove the bell housing and take a look if there is black dust clearly visible this is a sign of wearing meaning your clutch is either on the way out or needs servicing.

If you recognise any of these symptoms then get in touch with us, we service and maintenance hundreds of vehicles and have years’ of experience in vehicle servicing and can help you with all of your clutch problems.

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