Stretch out your pennies and pound coins during this pandemic and beyond with reliable vehicle servicing

Times are forecast to get tough. We do not know the true fallout of the Covid19 pandemic, thousands of jobs have been lost and we still do not know whether there is going to be a second spike in the autumn and winter months ahead. Everything at this point in time is shrouded in uncertainty. So, it is important that we all plan ahead, that we all tighten our belts for whatever comes next.

Since we re-opened our garage pictured below to full capacity since lockdown restrictions have been reduced, we have continually promoted ourselves as the garage that will help save motorists money, and we are not going to stop here.

It is very important that the economy picks up, yes, but very important that the economy also supports you getting your pennies and pound coins to stretch as far as they can. That’s where our garage is here to help all motorists. We provide reliable vehicle servicing at affordable prices.

So lets dig deep and examine this further

Just because we say we provide an affordable service doesn’t mean to say it is cheap, no. It means that we are simply better on price than main dealers. We have all of the latest vehicle technology needed to diagnose faults on your vehicle reliably. Pinpointing exact faults with your vehicle is so important, Why? Because good technology means you will get to the heart of the problem, specifically finding the fault and fixing it.

We have increasingly said that during this pandemic you should avoid the backstreet garage and also main dealers, why? Because they will cost you more money than you want to pay. Backstreet garages do not have the vehicle technology needed to diagnose faults reliably, their analysis is all done through guess work, this could be wrong, that could be wrong, lets try fixing this and that, but are they getting to the heart of a problem with your vehicle.

Before you know it you are out on the road and the light pop’s up on the dash again saying you have a problem, off you trot back to the backstreet garage forking our more labour costs in order to fix the problem. Don’t let this happen to you, go to an independent garage like ours at A1 Diagnostics that have invested in vehicle technology to get to the heart of vehicle gremlins, this ensures you get a reliable service and low servicing bills.

If you go to main dealers then putting it simply, you are going to pay through the nose for vehicle servicing. Main dealer labour rates are far higher than ours, we offer a diagnostic on your vehicle for £70 for the first hour and then make the assessment on what needs doing to your vehicle. If you have an electrical fault and we can fix it within that hour it will only cost you £70 plus VAT.

Main dealer labour rates can cost up to or more than £120 per hour. Main dealers have to pay for the privilege of promoting a brand such as Mercedes or Audi, this increases their costs passing them on to the customer, you don’t want to pay for that privilege. We say find an independent garage like A1 Diagnostics that have been working in the motor trade for many years, that have the technology to offer reliable servicing at the best prices.

What are you waiting for? Stretch out your pennies and pound coins and work with a garage that can help you save on all of your vehicle servicing needs. Our contact details are below, contact us we are happy to help.

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