Five symptoms your car or vehicle needs a brake service ensuring safety out on the road

It is important that your brakes are working correctly when out on the road ensuring safety. Overtime the brakes on your car will need a service as they can wear away. To help you spot if you have a brake problem here are five symptoms highlighting that you need to get your cars brakes checked out at our car garage pictured below.

Symptom 1 – Noisy grinding brakes

If you are applying the brake pedal and you feel a grinding sensation or hear a noisy grinding sound the brake discs have likely reached the end of their life and need replacing. The grinding noise is a result of metal grinding against metal as the brake material has worn away.

Symptom 2 – ABS light is on

The ABS light will come on when there is a brake fault with the car or vehicle. The ABS light could be signalling anything from a brake pump leak or an electrical brake problem, either way the vehicles brakes will need to be checked out as if they are not it can lead to a complete brake failure and you could be at risk of having an accident out on the road.

Symptom 3 – Spongey brakes feeling

When you apply the brake pedal normally the feeling should be quite firm as the brakes are applied, however when there is a brake problem the feeling in the brake pedal can feel quite spongey. Imagine you have two sponges in your hand and when you put them together and apply pressure the sponge will spring back at you when you release the pressure, this maybe the effect you are having on the brake pedal when you apply pressure which is why it would be a good idea to get the brakes checked.

Symptom 4 – Brake juddering and jerking

When your out on the road when you apply the brake pedal does the vehicle jerk and judder. When you apply the brakes the vehicle should smoothly slow down, however if you are jerking or juddering going forward then this is a symptom of a brake problem and the brakes discs have become warped or worn away and need replacing.

Symptom 5 – Brake warning light on the dashboard comes on

This is the most obvious sign that your car or vehicle has a brake issue. If this light is on bring the vehicle to the garage and get the brakes checked to ensure safety.

If you are not sure if your brakes are safe or are experiencing problems when braking come to our car garage and get a free brake health check. We have serviced thousands of brakes on cars and vehicles. Here are photos of our experienced mechanics servicing brakes on all kinds of vehicles from our car garage here in Cardiff.


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