Another testimonial from a new customer happy with our garage services

Whenever we get a testimonial we like to show you them. So, here we go again, here is a testimonial from another NEW happy customer receiving reliable vehicle services from our garage pictured below.

What we especially like about this testimonial is the fact Bob says we were not just after his money like other garages.

“I have a BMW 645CI automatic which had a gearbox judder between 1st and 2nd gear.

When I first rang A1 for a Diagnostic check to find out the real problem, they suggested that I first have the gearbox filter cleaned as this can block the sensors. I took it to a BMW garage in Barry as it was already booked in for a service there but they did not fix the problem and I paid them over £450.

I felt let down by them so I rang A1 again who suggested that I first disconnect the battery for an hour to see if the onboard computer re-configures itself but this didn’t work so then I rang them again and they said bring it in and we will sort it out and they did just that.

What impressed me was A1 Diagnostics wasn’t just trying to get my money off me like most garages I have been to, instead they suggested I tried certain things first before even coming to their garage.

When I took my BMW to them they were brilliant, they analysed the gearbox, went through all the fault data and then rebooted the car plus downloaded the up-to-date BMW gearbox settings, which made the gearbox run like a brand new swiss watch for less than £100.

I highly recommend A1 Diagnostics and will always go to them in future.”

The reason we gain testimonials like this is because we offer a fair, reliable service at the right prices. The reason we are reliable is because we have all of the latest vehicle technology needed to service vehicles, we only invest in the best mechanics who have been working in the auto trade for years.

Here are our mechanics working on many different vehicles, working together as a team and always ensuring a reliable service is carried out.

The reason we are gaining so many new customers is because we are able to pin point exact faults with vehicles and get them fixed on the first attempt. We have all of the latest and most up-to-date service technology under our garage roof. We invest in technology unlike backstreet garages, if you go to a backstreet garage then you might well go around in circles not finding exact faults with vehicles being faced with more and more bills.

Here are photos of our mechnaics running a diagnostic on a Mercedes vehicle plugged into our diagnostics computer, a £25,000 investment in technology by us ensuring we have all of the latest fault codes especially with the most modern vehicles.

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