Its time to look at the work we have been carrying out from our car garage

It’s that time of the month again where we tell you all about the work we carry out from our car service garage pictured below. Its been a busy start to the year and the ramps have been busy with all kinds of vehicles from Nissan’s, Audi’s, Mercedes and a whole range of major car brands.

Our MOT test lanes have been very busy recently. We have carried out a number of MOT tests on Peugeot vehicles, one is shown below.

Sadly this vehicle failed the MOT test due to the brakes failing to pass the grade on the rolling roll tester. Its ok though because we rang the driver informed him of the problem and replaced the brakes from the garage workshop.

The next vehicle is a Volkswagen van pictured below.

This vehicle was also in for an MOT. Everything was fine apart from one slight glitch with the battery causing it to go flat. We found that the control module that controls the distribution of power to certain areas of the vehicle had become faulty causing the battery to become flat and needed replacing. We ordered the part in from Germany and refitted the control module. The vehicle is now getting the correct power distribution and the battery is not going flat.

The next vehicle we are going to look at is this Nissan Qashqai Japanese warrior, pictured below on the ramp.

This car came into our garage workshop as it was experiencing problems with the engine making large clunky noises. We looked at the engine and it was clear to see that the piston rings and crank shaft were damaged causing the large clunky noises. We replaced the piston rings and the crank shaft and the vehicles is back out on the road running perfectly.

We have another Nissan vehicle shown below.

This car had problems with its brakes. The car was not reacting well to the brake pedal and reducing speed was a problem. The brake pads had become warn so we replaced the front and rear brakes. You guessed it! The Nissan car is out on the road braking perfectly but above all safe out on the road.

The next Peugeot car we have is pictured below.

The vehicle owner rang us as she did not have break down cover. We said no problem hold on to the horses and we will be there in a jiffy. We picked up the car, got it back to the garage, replaced the fuel pump and fuse box that controls the distribution of fuel to the engine, anddddddd, you guessed it! The vehicle is back out on the road doing 70 down the motor way.

If you have any vehicle or car dilemmas then get in touch with us. We service hundreds of cars every month and have probably seen it all and offer the best most reliable vehicle servicing at the best prices in Cardiff.

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