Timing chain and cam belt replacement service

Without the timing belt (also can be known as cam belts) your engine simply would not work, they are a vital component that helps your vehicle’s engine run. A timing chain or cam belts main job is to rotate the camshaft in the engine keeping the crankshaft and the camshaft aligned with one another.

The timing chain and cam belt are also responsible for ensuring the pistons inside the engine are moving up and down inside the engine cylinder, the pistons are the catalyst for the chemical reaction needed to create combustion that propels a vehicle forward or backwards.

The bottom line is the timing chain and cam belt makes it all happen, without that component of the engine means the engine would not work, and your vehicle will go nowhere without it. This is why ensuring the timing chain or cam belt is maintenanced and serviced after doing a certain number of miles.

When to get the timing chain belt checked depends on the vehicle you are driving. Some manufacturers recommend getting the cam belt checked after doing 100,000 miles, other manufacturers 50,000 miles, check with your manufacturers hand guide when you purchased the vehicle, normally the manufacturer will give you a recommendation.

There are other symptoms and signs that you can look out for if you are experiencing problems with your cam belt or timing chain, these are listed below:

  • Heavy Vibrations

  • Loud rattling sounds when the engine is cold in the mornings

  • The vehicle is shuddering and juddering

  • You will hear clunking noises coming from the engine

  • The engine management light will display on your dashboard

  • If you experience any of the above listed symptoms then you should think about booking your vehicle in for a service diagnostic, and get the timing chain or cam belt checked over. It is very important to get the timing chain belt checked as leaving it could really damage the engine.

    As we have mentioned earlier the timing chain is responsible for ensuring other engine components work together such as the camshafts and pistons, if the timing chain fails especially when doing high speeds on the road, then more damage can occur on the engine, the camshaft could end up damaged and the pistons can bend. There could be so much damage to the engine that it may not be able to be repaired.

    Un-repairable engines mean that you will end up needing to get prices for a replacement engine, and also the labour time to fit the engine, you could be looking at £2000 plus. If you get the timing chain or cam belt checked before it completely fails you could be saving yourself money, as a timing chain service or repair can cost less than £1000.

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