Another top business to mention in our Discover Local campaign

We have been really pleased to hear the feedback from local businesses being included in our Discover Local campaign. If you are new to our Discover Local campaign then let us explain to you what it is all about.

At our garage pictured below we get businesses and people in our local community coming to us having lived or traded in the community for many years not even knowing we have been here. So, the light bulb went off on the top of our heads and we thought what a great way to build relationships with our community by launching our Discover Local campaign.

So here is another business we are going to mention, a multi award winning food catering company and restaurant namely the Vegetarian Food Studio.

The Vegetarian Food Studio are situated on Penarth Road only a stone’s throw away from our garage work shop. They deliver catering servicing providing award winning vegetarian Indian food to the whole South Wales region and UK. Firstly, here are photos taken at the restaurant with delicious vegetarian Indian food leaving the hot plate.

What do we mean by award winning. Well here is an example of one award recently awarded to the Vegetarian Food Studio being named the best vegetarian establishment at the Food Awards 2016.

Not only do the Vegetarian Food Studio produce delicious Indian food from their restaurant but they also deliver a first-class catering service. Here are photos of a recent English wedding where the Vegetarian Food Studio produced award winning Indian food for 60 guests.

Not only do the Vegetarian Food Studio produce food for 60 guests at events but they can also cater for anything up to 800 to 4000 guests at events. They are a bit like us here at A1 Diagnostics, there is no job too big or too small for the Vegetarian Food Studio. Here are photos taken recently where the Vegetarian Food Studio catered for 800 guests at an Indian wedding.

The Vegetarian Food Studio have worked for some noticeable brands, these are shown below.

This should give you confidence that when you use any of the Vegetarian Food Studio catering services they can deliver as they have already delivered for notorious brands as shown above.

Lastly, we are going to mention just exactly where the Vegetarian Food Studio are trusted to work. Only recently were they at Caerphilly Castle and Cardiff Castle delivering award winning Vegetarian Indian Food, however, they also only just delivered food at the world class venue the Vale Hotel, here are photos of the kitchen in full flow at the Vale Hotel.

So, as you can see another whopping business on our doorstop delivering award winning vegetarian Indian food at the restaurant and at world class venues all over South Wales and the UK. Visit the Vegetarian Food Studio linked below.

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