Why vehicle and car engines go bang

We are getting a lot of engine work coming through our garage door pictured below.

But in this blog post we are going to look at some of the reasons why engines go bang and demonstrate how we can help.

There are many reasons why engines fail out on the road. Some engine’s go bang but we are not talking huge cataclysmic explosions, when an engine lets go it is normally because a certain engine component fails such as, the flywheel can become misaligned, the pistons might bend as they do after long periods or, the headgasket might fail and not separate the vital engine fluids that are needed for the engine to work as it should.

Other reasons include poor maintenance of the engine not bringing the vehicle in for service after clocking a certain amount of miles over a period of times.

Other common problems are the timing belt or timing chain on the engine snap. The problem with these components snapping is they cause other damage to the engine, you can always avoid this. The vehicle manufacturers always recommend to change the timing belt or chain after doing a certain amount of mileage. For example a Mercedes vehicle may have a requirement where the vehicle owner must change the timing chain after doing 80,000 miles, changing the timing belt or chain can avoid the possibility of the old one snapping, if it snaps then it can cuase more damage tot he engine leading to more hefty repair costs.

So we have heard of a few reasons why engines fail, but do not worry we are here to help in the event that you have a problem with your engine. Firstly check us out before you check out a main dealer, why? Because main dealers will charge you a fortune and they are often fully booked up to 3 weeks so you wont get your engine fixed quickly.

We also work closely with our sister company Major Motors situated onsite with us. This means we have access to one of the biggest storage of engines in Wales. Check out the photo below that shows just how much engine stock is carried by Major Motors.

Having access to this stock means we can turnaround engine fittings fast within two working days if needed. We have ten plus years experience when it comes to engine fittings and engine repairs. Here are recent jobs we have carried out from our garage workshop pictured below.

First off we have a Mini up on the ramp shown below.

We supplied a low mileage second hand engine on this vehicle and also fitted the engine in three working days. The reason this engine failed was because a broken engine valve created a hole in the piston which led to a fatal oil leak doing a lot of damage to the Mini’s engine.

Pictured below we have a Hyundai i800 pictured on a ramp.

The vehicle was experiencing large knocking noises coming from under the hood. On checking this we could see straight away that the flywheel had become bent and warped. This caused the knocking noise against the crankshaft. This was no problem for us we replaced the flywheel and the engine is now working as it should.

Lastly we look at a Ford Focus pictured below.

This Ford vehicle’s headgasket failed. The headgasket is a crucial engine component that keeps the engine fluids separate such as the oil seprate from the engine collant etc. If it fails then the headgasket can no longer do its job. We replaced the headgasket and the engine faults caused by the headgasket failure and the vehicle is now fixed and back out on the road in only three working days.

If you have any queries with regards to your vehicles engine get in touch. It doesnt matter if it is the smallest thing or the biggest issue with your engine we are here to help and assist you in any way we can.

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