Our recent vehicle service work

We are off to a flyer in 2018. Today alone we have 33 vehicle’s and cars sitting in our garage car park ready to be serviced in the garage. We have 11 vehicles on our ramps and 2 vehicles in our electrical bay. Here is a photo of our garage workshop car park taken just this morning.

As you can see we are a very busy and vibrant garage with lots of happy customers, here is a recent testimonial.

“I went to A1 Diagnostics with my Touran TDI with engine cutting out constantly. They helped me find the problem and were great, very professional and they knew exactly what they were doing, 5 star!”

Here are a few vehicles we have recently serviced from our Cardiff based garage. We start off with a Ford Fiesta that had a wheel bearing fault.

This vehicle was experiencing large noises coming from the wheels a classic sign that there is a problem with the wheel bearing, we replaced the bearing.

The Mercedes vehicle shown below was in for an engine carbon clean.

We have recently invested in a new Carbon Cleaning machine. This new equipment will clean your engine of any carbon build up. Carbon build up in the engine can lead to all kind of problems such as snapped pistons and other glitches. A regular carbon clean of the engine can avoid these kind of problems. The new equipment that cleans the engine is shown below.

The next vehicle is this Nissan pictured below.

This vehicle was in for a standard oil and oil filter change, we carried out the changes within an hour and the vehicle is now back with the owner.

The vehicle below is a Ford Focus.

This vehicle was in because the engine had gone bang, the timing chain snapped and caused so much damage that it was better and more cost effective to change the engine and install a good quality second hand engine. We fitted the engine and carried out the necessary road tests needed, the vehicle is now back with the owner within 2 working days.

The vehicle pictured below is a Peugeot.

The vehicle owner was having problems changing gear and had a smelly eggy oder coming from underneath the vehicle a classic clutch symptom if you’re having problems. We replaced the clutch and the vehicle is now back with the owner.

Lastly we look at a Honda vehicle pictured below.

A very simple engine checkover after the vehicle had been out on the road over 3000 miles. We checked the engine and could see that there was an air leak and a pipe needed replacing. We replaced the pipe and the vehicle is now back with the owner.

As you can see we carry out a diverse range of vehicle service work and there is no job too big or too small for us so get in touch we are happy to help.

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