Our recent vehicle service work

We haven’t done a post for a while now on recent work being carried out from our Cardiff based service garage so here we go, here are a few jobs we are currently working on.


Firstly, we have an AUDI A6 brought to the garage after experiencing overheating problems with the engine, the driver was alerted to this because the gauge readings in the vehicle were reading very high. Having inspected the vehicle, we found out the problem was with the head gasket and the head on the gasket had snapped, we informed the driver and we are now replacing the head which will stop the engine from overheating. Here are photos of the AUDI A6 in our garage workshop.



Our next vehicle is a SEAT, this was a straight forward job the clutch had warn away and the driver was experiencing the dreaded eggy smell in the vehicle a clear sign that something was wrong with the clutch. We brought the car onto the ramp and replaced the clutch and the vehicle is now out on the road selecting gears perfectly all be it with the windows down to get rid of the eggy smell.



Our next job was an AUDI R8 vehicle, a serious bit of kit. The owner of the vehicle was experiencing lack of power being translated from the pedal to the engine. This was a clear sign of an electrical fault with the engine and ECU not functioning or telling the engine to increase power. We moved the vehicle pictured in the workshop into our electrical bay also shown below and rectified the electrical fault and the vehicle is now gaining full power back to the engine.



Here we have a Peugeot RTZ that was experiencing vibrations and rattling noises, we checked the vehicle out and it was clear to see that the timing chain had become faulty and needed replacing. This is a common problem with Peugeot RTZ vehicles so if you are experiencing the same symptoms and the vibrations are turning your brain into mush then contact us as we can replace the timing chain very quickly getting you back out onto the road.



Lastly we are going to look at this Volkswagen vehicle. The owner was having problems with the steering and the car wanted to always steer to the right hand side with the vehicle owner having to always compensate to the left to make the vehicle drive in a straight line.

Now you would think this maybe a steering problem however the problem wasn’t being caused through the steering wheel or column, it was actually being caused by the brakes not releasing properly on the right hand wheel causing the vehicle to turn more to the right hand side. We checked all of the brakes and contacted the customer to let them know what the problem was and it was decided to replace the brakes to solve the problem. Here are photos of the Volkswagen vehicle pictured below.




Here at A1 Diagnostics we invest in the best equipment for our mechanics to use but we also work as a team and offer each other advice when servicing vehicles ensuring reliability. Read the article linked below showing our mechanics working together to learn more about the way we work from our Cardiff based vehicle service garage.


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