Our recent vehicle service work from our car garage

If you’re new to our blog then every now and then we like to show you the work being carried out from our car garage pictured below. We can carry out a whole range of diverse vehicle service work. This means going from full engine rebuilds, to gearbox reconditioning to the smaller jobs like brake replacements and a whole lot more.

We are based on Sloper Road opposite the Cardiff City Stadium, from our garage pictured below we will look at some of the work currently being carried out.


Firstly we start with off with a Campervan pictured below.


We go from servicing modern day vehicles of all sorts but don’t worry if you have a classic campervan we can service it. Here we completely replaced the engine with a quality low mileage reconditioned one. The campervan is now back out on the road heading towards Cornwall to catch some waves.

The next car we have on the ramp pictured below is a FIAT 500.


This FIAT car was in good condition, it passed its MOT with flying colours and when we carried out the service no work needed carrying out. A happy customer in this scenario with only a service and MOT charge.

The next vehicle we are going to take a look at is this Audi A4 pictured below.


Sadly the MOT on this vehicle failed. There were a few problems wrong with this car such as the brakes being warn and needed replacing, the bulbs in the lights needed replacing and a broken rear coil spring needed replacing in the suspension. All the work was carried out and the car is back out on the road.

Lastly we look at a Mercedes C-Class pictured below.


This vehicle again had problems with the lights. We replaced the bulbs and the vehicle passed it MOT with flying colours.

Hopefully this article has given you a good insight to the diverse vehicle service work we carry out. From engine replacements, light bulb replacements, replaced brake pads and a whole lot more.

If you have a spare hour why not learn about the vehicle service industry, we want to help you understand that there is a way to save money rather than going to high priced main dealers.

The articles below look at how specialist we are when it comes to vehicle servicing, we also look at how we can save you money and also what you can do with making big savings from paying the bills or going for a cruise to Barbados.

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