More recent car service work from our car garage

It has been a busy month once more at our garage pictured below. We have been carrying out a whole range of car and vehicle service work. We have had cars going through their annual MOT’s, brake checks, autumn and winter service checks and a lot more.

Here are a few cars and vehicles we have recently worked on showing you a range of diverse work we are able to carry our from our garage workshop.

We start with a Ford Focus pictured below. This car’s engine was overheating because of a faulty water pump. We have replaced the pump and the vehicle is now back out on the road and the engine is not overheating.

We not only undertake complicated work from engine rebuilds and gearbox reconditioning as examples. We also carry out work on more delicate problems for instance the door locks were jamming on the Vauxhall car below. We stripped the doors down, diagnosed the problem and the door locks are now working correctly.

The vehicles engine pictured below gave way and blew up. Instead of the vehicle owner buying an entirely new van vehicle which would have cost far more money, we suggested to fit a new reconditioned engine. Because we work closely with our sister company Major Motors we were able to use a low mileage engine from their stock and fit a new reconditioned engine. The owner is now out on the road with the vehicle working perfectly.

Here we have a BMW car. A simple problem the parking sensors became faulty and were giving incorrect readings when the owner was trying to park the vehicle. We repaired the sensors using the technology in our electrical bay and the car is now giving correct information when parking the car.

Lastly we have a Volkswagen car that is having its wheels and tracking re-aligned. The vehicle was veering left in a straight line when out on the road making it hard to control the car. We realigned the cars wheels and is now back out on the road driving in a straight line but above all safe out on the road.

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