Our recent vehicle service work from our Cardiff based vehicle service garage

It’s that time once again where we give you an insight to some of the work we carry out under the roof of our vehicle service garage here in the heart of Cardiff opposite the Cardiff City Stadium. There is no job to big or too small for us if you require an engine rebuild, a gearbox recondition, your air con system recharged or something simple then don’t worry we can help and are just a phone call away.

So here we go and we start off with a Citroen DS3 that was in recently for its MOT, it was discovered that the only problem with the vehicle was its brakes, these were replaced and the vehicle passed it’s MOT with flying colours and is now completely road worthy and back out on the road. The vehicle is photographed below on one of our MOT test lanes.

The second vehicle to mention is a Volkswagen Golf TDI. The vehicle was having problems with the clutch and was constantly slipping, on inspection we could see the clutch was at the beginning stages of completely wearing away so we informed the customer they needed a new clutch and they agreed to install a new one, the car pictured below is now selecting gears perfectly and back out on the road with a new clutch.


The third vehicle to mention is a Mercedes SLK200 which was in for a standard and routine service, the vehicle had no real issues and we informed the customer of the good news that no work had to be carried out. Here at A1 Diagnostics we are honest enough to say when work needs carrying out but if we find no fault with the car then we always inform the customer, some garages are known for finding faults that are not there in order to create a sale we do not and believe in honest customer service. The vehicle pictured below is back with the owner.

Pictured below we have a Landrover Freelander 2. The rear differential that transfers power to the back axel had become damaged, we replaced the rear differential and the vehicle is now transferring power to the rear axle perfectly and is now back with the owner.

Below we have a picture of a BMW 320 that failed its MOT. It was found that the suspension arms had failed and needed replacing, the anti-roll bar had become faulty and the front brake pads failed and needed replacing along with the caliper piston. All the work needed for the vehicle to pass its MOT was carried out and the vehicle is now out on the road completely road worthy passing its MOT.

Lastly we have a BMW 3 series pictured below where we carried out a fly wheel replacement and installed a new clutch as the previous clutch was smelling and ready to burn out. The car is now back with the owner running perfectly.

As you can see we are servicing vehicles that have a variety of different repair work needed, we can service vehicles no matter how complex the issues are and you are only a phone call away from finding a trust worthy garage that can offer vehicle service work at the most affordable prices in Cardiff.

More reasons to consider using our vehicle service garage we were recently audited by BOSCH Service and passed the audit with flying colours. We were awarded with a certificate of acknowledgment for car service quality and outstanding results produced from our Cardiff based service garage.


Read more about the quality audit here and also examples of how we have saved our customers money avoiding high prices from main dealers.


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