More recent vehicle service work from our Cardiff car garage

We are already busy straight after Christmas carrying out a whole range of vehicle service work from our car garage in Cardiff pictured below. It has been especially busy on our new 3D tracking and wheel alignment ramp where we are helping our customers ensure they stay safe out on the road. Here are a range of jobs we are working on from our car garage.


We start off with a Porsche Cayenne car. This vehicle came into our car garage as the vehicle was experiencing steering problems veering right out on the road. We realigned the wheels and adjusted the tracking ensuring the wheels were correctly aligned, we also replaced the front coil springs as the original coil springs had snapped also causing steering problems. The car is now steering out on the road correctly and above all safe out on the road.


A simple problem with the BMW One Series pictured below. There was an electrical fault with the headlights and they were not working. We have now fixed the electrical fault and the headlights are working correctly.

Photographed below we have another BMW One Series. The vehicle was misfiring so we checked out the vehicle and found that the coil pack had become faulty causing the car to misfire, we replaced the coil pack which has now stopped the vehicle misfiring.

The car owner was also getting problems when selecting gears. We checked out the clutch and it was showing signs of wear so we informed the car owner it would be best to replace the clutch before more damage to the vehicle was caused, the vehicle owner agreed to replace the clutch. The vehicle is now back out on the road not misfiring and also selecting gears perfectly.

We have been writing about how we are number one in repairing gearboxes when it comes to both manuals and automatics. We have a Volkswagen Passat car on the ramp that was having gearbox problems which was an automatic. We stripped the automatic gearbox and could see the teeth were wearing away causing the problems when shifting gears. We made the repairs and the vehicle is out on the road running perfectly.

Lastly we have a Ford car. This vehicle was experiencing rattling noises coming from within the engine when out on the road. We checked the vehicle and could see that the engine belt had become faulty. We replaced the engine belt with a new one and the engine is now running without the rattling noise out on the road.

If you have any vehicle dilemmas then contact us, we can carry out a whole range of work from complicated jobs to the more less complicated jobs. There is no job too big or too small for us.

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