More recent car and vehicle service work from the garage

Here are a range of car, vans and vehicle jobs we have recently carried out work on from our Cardiff and South Wales based vehicle service garage (pictured below). The work carried out will show you our diverse skill set when it comes to car and vehicle servicing from modern vehicles to some of the more classic vehicles.


We are going to start with this Citroen DS3 car. Although this doesn’t look like a pretty photo it shows how we can strip apart cars and vehicles to find and diagnose faults. The problem we have here is the engine was experiencing problems and the owner was getting heavy vibrations coming from the front end of the car. After stripping the engine down it was clear to see that the valves in the engine had become faulty and needed replacing. We have replaced the valves tested the engine and test driven the car and the engine is running smoothly once more.

Here are the engine parts fitted to repair the engine.

We have always said it, there is no job too big or too small or even too complicated for us to undertake. The car we have below is a classic and they don’t make them like this anymore. The Morris Minor pictured below was brought into our garage by a car enthusiast and needed the engine rebuilt, the electronics restored, the interior re-upholstered and the wheels restored. We have carried out all of the work needed from our brand new electrical bay. Because we invest in the most up-to-date facilities means we can service modern day cars and vehicles as well as the old classics cars.




Going back now to the more modern day car and vehicle here we have a BMW 1 Series. The owner was having problems with the stop start procedure when waiting at traffic lights. The stop start procedure is a fuel efficiency system built within the BMW vehicle. When your at traffic lights and the vehicle stops the engine cuts out and will help the vehicle save fuel, however the vehicle pictured below was not carrying out the proper procedures when stationary. We diagnosed the problem and found that the sensor was faulty, we have now replaced the sensor solving the stop start problem.

Once again there is no vehicle too big or too small for us. Here we have a Ford Transit Van on the ramp having gearbox problems. When the driver was out on the road the van would not select sixth gear, there was clearly a problem with something inside the gearbox. We reconditioned the gearbox and after stripping the gearbox down completely we could see the gears teeth had warn away causing the problem and the vehicle unable to select sixth gear. The Ford Transit Van is now back out on the road running smoothly and selecting sixth gear.

Below we have an AUDI A3 car. The problem the owner had with this vehicle is the handbrake would not release when in lock position. The handbrake in this vehicle is electronic and it was clear to see when we diagnosed the problem the modulator that controls the handbrake was faulty. We replaced the modulator and it has now solved the problem enabling the handbrake to be locked and released.

Lastly we have a Mercedes Eclass. The owner of the vehicle brought the car to the garage as the engine light came on but not only that the car was having power problems and could only reach a certain speed when out on the road. We diagnosed the problem and could see that the Diesel Particulate Filter was faulty and not working correctly. If the filter does not work correctly inside the exhaust then the exhaust will fill up with carbon material causing the lack of power and speed when driving the Mercedes car.

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