Here is some of our recent vehicle service work

It’s that time of the month again where we let you know about some of the vehicle service work we have completed for our happy customers at our Cardiff based garage workshop. We have had a very busy month servicing all kinds of vehicles for big brands such as Network Rail, and privately owned vehicles from BMW, Audi, Mercedes and more.


Here are a selection of jobs we have recently carried out at our Cardiff based garage workshop and we start with this Renault Master pictured below where we replaced the front end suspension in no time at all getting the vehicle back out on the road and back in service for Network Rail.


The next service we carried out was for a client who had been experiencing heavy steering vibrations on his BMW 3 Series pictured below. Here we serviced the wheels and tightened the wheel nuts which stopped the steering vibrations and the vehicle is now back out on the road running smoothly.



To highlight our diverse skill set in vehicle servicing here are photos of a Skoda vehicle pictured below that had an electrical fault with the electric windows, we were able to repair the electrical fault and also give a FREE complimentary service on the vehicle. This demonstrates that we not only rebuild vehicle engines and recondition gearboxes but we can help you with the smaller glitches like collapsed vehicle seats and electric window faults.



Another diverse job we carried out was for a client who had problems with his BMW 1 Series immobiliser, the key programmed to the car became faulty and the driver had problems accessing and using the vehicle pictured below, we were able to fix and repair the immobiliser very quickly replacing the old key and not only did we get the vehicle owner back out on the road quickly but we also saved him money avoiding high main dealer costs.



Below we have a Range Rover that was stolen and through reckless driving the wheel rims became cracked, we were able to completely service the vehicle and replace the cracked wheel rims getting the vehicle back into full working order and is now back out on the road, here are a few photos of the cracked wheel rims and the Range Rover being serviced at our Cardiff based garage workshop.




The last car we serviced was a simple but important job the Mercedes pictured below had an engine coolant problem so we replaced the coolant and gave the vehicle a full free complimentary service. It is important to check your coolant levels and to replace the engine coolant after a certain amount of time this is to ensure the engine does not over heat, when an engine over heats it can break many engine components leading to costly engine repairs.


If you would like to read more about the work we carried out back in September and take a look at some testimonials from our happy customers, please use the link below.

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