It’s going to get even warmer in July so make sure your air con is up to scratch

It is going to get even warmer this week, they forecast it is going to be hotter than it is in Jamaica and the MET office has issued a heat warning of amber in most parts of the South East. Here is our garage basking in the glorious sunshine as of late.

Since the heat wave struck in June we have been informing our customer’s of our air conditioning services, however more importantly, informing the wider public of watching out for cheap deal air con services from other garages.

The problem with going with a cheap air conditioning deal is that it is cheap not just on price but cheap on service to. Garages want to make a quick penny out of you and only do half of the job.

At A1 Diagnostics we charge £99 + VAT and we do a full service of your air conditioning system, not a half job like other garages we carry out a full service, here is what we check.

1) We check for leaks in the air con system.

2) We use high quality PAG oil to lubricate the compressor and pumps in your air con system.

3) We vacuum and remove the bacteria built up in your air con system over time.

4) We fully re-charge and gas refil the system if no leaks are found on test.

We offer a specialist high quality air con service, we are not like other garages who just want to make a quick sale, we are here to ensure your air con system stays in perfect working condition.

We are known for investing in vehicle maintenance technology, all of our air conditioning service’s are carried out from our electrical bay. The electrical bay is an investment of £50,000 made by us ensuring we carry out the highest possible air conditioning service on your vehicle.

Here are some of our air conditioning service equipment and units.

Because we have the best vehicle service technology we get plenty of five star reviews, here is an example of another happy customer happy with our customer service.

“Excellent Customer Assistance. I called the RAC out who diagnosed the body control module, this had become faulty on my Seat Altea 1.9tdi.

I had a serious electrical problem with indicators brake lights & main beam. Took my car to A1 diagnostics who again explained the problem.

A1 fixed it and I am truly thankful. Awesome service.”

So, if you want to avoid being all hot and bothered out on the road then get your air con serviced with us. We are here to service your air con so it lasts for a further 12 months. Again, if you take on a cheap deal at another garage they will just recharge the air con system, they won’t check for leaks, if there is a leak then before you know it your air con will run out and you will be back at the garage facing more bills.

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