We have 75 plus years combined vehicle mechanical experience

We have over 50 vehicles currently under our garage roof receiving vehicle repair work. Here is a photo of our car park with vehicles ready to go into the garage for work.

We have always said it that we service all types of vehicles from German manufactured vehicles to continental cars, here are examples of brands we currently have in our car park that show a diverse range of vehicles that we service, from Skoda, Ford, Volkswagen, Audi, Mercedes, Nissan, BMW, Porsche and Vauxhall.

We have mechanics that have a combined experience of 75 years plus working in the motor trade. There is no job too big or too small for us and nothing that we have not seen when it comes to vehicle servicing.

We have the technology to service your vehicle reliably

Ever since we opened the garage over 15 years ago, we have always committed ourselves to buy all the best vehicle servicing technology, but why? We believe that when you go to any garage the vehicle servicing should be reliable, the only way to ensure reliable vehicle servicing is to have dealer level servicing tools that help diagnose exact faults on vehicles.

By diagnosing the exact faults means you get to the heart of the issue and fix it. A lot of garages nowadays still rely on guess work to diagnose and repair faults. There is a slight problem to this methodology, guess work means you may not even fix the fault that is causing the problem. This means you get nothing solved and before you know it you are back at the garage trying to get the original problem fixed.

Only with the correct technology can you diagnose faults reliably and correctly. With vehicles being designed by car manufacturers so complexly means you will be reliant on main dealer technology, if garages are not staying with the times and investing in technology then they will find it hard to function, but sadly the people who will bare the brunt of unreliable vehicle servicing are the motorists, they will be faced with high and hefty bills leaving them frustrated and out of pocket.

Choose A1 Diagnostics as your next vehicle service garage

When you consider using a garage you should ask if they invest in vehicle service technology. Look for testimonials on their Facebook page and decide whether they look the part. We have many five star testimonials on our website, and Facebook page, here is one example.

Leighton Said
“Had my car serviced with this garage yesterday. Absolutely fantastic. Really good job and no mess on the car.”

Hopefully we have persuaded you to get on the blower and give us a call. You are an email or phone call away from acquiring a garage that cares for it’s customers both on price and reliability.

Contact us

If you have any vehicle gremlins going on with your car then get in touch. We are happy to help you with any vehicle servicing needs you have. Use the contact details to contact us.

Contact A1 Diagnostics

Get in touch today for expert advice or to book your vehicle in for a service we are happy to help you with any vehicle queries you have.

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