We have had to expand our vehicle electrical bay

We have had to expand our vehicle electrical bay due to increased demand with vehicles experiencing electrical faults. We have vehicles queuing up at the garage door, but why is this? Well it is simple we offer only the most reliable electrical vehicle servicing at affordable prices. Here are a range of photos of cars needing electronic services.

Vehicle manufacturers are designing their modern-day cars to an extraordinarily complex standard. There strategy is to make sure that when you have a fault you must always go back to main dealers to get the fault fixed. Basically, backstreet garages days are numbered, and any garage that does not invest in the absolute best vehicle technology is not going to be able to offer reliable electrical servicing. If you are going to choose a reliable garage, then here are a few tips on how to make a good decision about which garage to use.

Tip 1

Always ask how much experience a garage has, the more experience the garage has the better.

Tip 2

Does the garage you are enquiring with invest in all the latest vehicle technology. It is especially important that garages use fault finding technology that is reliable and in date with the times. Only the most modern-day technology is going to find electrical faults on the most modern-day vehicles.

Tip 3

Do the mechanics have years of experience in electrical fault finding on modern day vehicles.

Choose A1 Diagnostics as your next vehicle service garage

If you asked us about any of the points above, we could say yes to all three with total confidence. In our case we have the experience, over 15 years’ experience, we invest in all of the latest electrical fault finding technology that ensures we do a reliable job from our garage workshop pictured below.

And finally we invest in mechanics that have years of experience diagnosing and electrical fault finding on the most modern day vehicles.

Save money with A1 Diagnostics

Make sure that your pennies and pound coins stretch as far as they can. We are living in unprecedented times, and with Covid19 shrouding the entire world in uncertainty it would be wise to save money because you never know in the future there could be a second lockdown, and you will need to make every saving you can.

A1 Diagnostics are supporting all our customers both existing and new on price. Be weary of going to main dealers and backstreet garages as you could end up with hefty bills to pay. Main dealer prices are far higher than independent garages, why? Because you are paying for the brand and the brand costs money.

Independent garages labour rates are much lower than main dealers. At A1 Diagnostics, our labour rate is £70 per hour, a main dealers labour rate is £120 per hour plus, and that does not even cover the costs of the parts. So, the lesson is query the garage you go to and make the right decisions as it could save you a lot of money on vehicle service costs.

Contact us

Hopefully this article will have inspired you to get out your smart phone and send us an email, or give us a call. We are here to ensure all of our customers both existing and new get the best electrical servicing carried out on their vehicle that doesn’t cost their arms and legs. Our contact details are below.

A1-Diagnostics and ECU Repairs
64 Sloper Road
CF11 8AB

Tel: (029 20) 220380
Fax: (029 20) 223172

Opening Times

Mon – Fri: 8:00am – 6:00pm

Email: info@a1-diagnostics.com

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