We will keep you safe at our independent car garage

It has been a crazy 5 months we are sure you will agree. But it is all onwards and upwards at A1 Diagnostics. Only yesterday we had 50 cars under our garage roof in for all kinds of vehicle servicing.

This just goes to show we have motorists and customers turning up to our garage because our service is good, and our prices are the best in Cardiff. We are the garage to turn to for affordable vehicle servicing supporting you through this pandemic.

At the garage we have everything in place to shield you from Covid19. We have established teams formed into bubbles at the garage, our office workers are working with the appropriate PPE and we have all the distance regulations in place for customers so that they are 2m apart from one another.

We have hand sanitiser all over our showroom and through out our garage floor, all of our workers are reminded to regularly use hand sanitiser as much as often.

All of these precautions we have put in place are to ensure all our customers and workers are safe. We are an essential business which is why we have opened the doors during lockdown, however we believe in safety coming first, this is why we spared no expense in investing in all of the necessary equipment needed to ensure all of our mechanics, office workers and customers are as safe as possible from Covid19.

Stretch your pennies with A1 Diagnostics

We have always said we are not fear mongers, and whenever we have talked about this pandemic, we have always stressed we are giving advice to motorists that will benefit them. Our next bit of advice is especially important, and advice we think you should carefully listen to.

In Australia where they are currently in their winter season, the infection rates have spiked causing a lockdown of more than 5 million people in Melbourne. The chances are that when the winter comes along in the UK there could be a spike. Why do we mention this?

We all know what happened when the UK went into lockdown, people lost jobs, businesses had to close and we have yet to see the true impact of all of this, but our advice is to make sure your pennies stretch as far as possible. Look out for services that offer only the best prices and services that will help you save money.

Thinking ahead now and looking after the purse strings can really make a difference in the event of a second lockdown in the winter. For example, if you need your vehicle serviced a lot of motorists will go to main dealers and backstreet garages, main dealers charge very high prices for vehicle servicing and backstreet garages often are unreliable causing more problems than they solve leading to more than one hefty bill.

When it comes to vehicle servicing come to a garage where one, you will get only the most reliable vehicle servicing, and two, a garage that offers affordable vehicle servicing. Our prices are much more affordable than that of main dealers and backstreet garages, we are intentionally keeping in mind that there is a pandemic happening and are doing our best to ensure that our vehicle servicing is completely up to scratch ensuring reliability, and our prices are the best around.

Contact us and let us start a relationship where we can help you with all of your vehicle servicing needs, stretching out your pennies and saving you much more than you would with main dealers and backstreet garages. Contact us for any advice our details are below.

64 Sloper Road
CF11 8AB

Tel: (029 20) 220380
Fax: (029 20) 223172

Opening Times

Mon – Fri: 8:00am – 6:00pm

Email: info@a1-diagnostics.com

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