An example of being weary of cheap air conditioning deals

We’ve recently been banging on about cheap air conditioning deals from other garages, well check out some of the engagement on our Facebook page. Here is a classic scenario of somebody saying they found a cheaper deal at another garage, 48 quid for a recharge, yes its cheap but the service probably is as well, so , becareful who you deal with.

At A1 Diagnostics we charge £99 + VAT and carry out a full service on your air conditioning system. We carry out the full service as it is always important to check before recharging the system that there are no leaks in the pipes, and no bacteria build up in the system along with other matter.

What would be the point to just recharge the air con system when there are leaks and bacteria build up in the system, one, your air con is only going to be working 50% efficiently, and two, if there are blockages in the system this is only going to compromise performance. A full service checks everything.

Having a full air con service with us means not only will the system last a full 12 months before your next recharge, it also means that you won’t be coming straight back to the garage with the air con not working again and you having to pay even more money to get it fixed, if you don’t check for leaks and things like this then your air con is not going to last all that long.

It does not matter what brand your vehicle is we can service the air con, even if you have converted older more vintage vehicles with an air con system like the one shown below, we will service it.

Here are photos of our specialist air conditioning mechanics servicing a Nissan vehicle from our electrical bay.

Here are photos of a Minor Morris we recently serviced the air conditioning on as it had been converted with an air con system.

We are a specialist garage with all of the best vehicle service technology in Cardiff, we have invested in the last 18 months £100,000 updating our garage facility. We can service the most modern vehicle to the older vintage types, there is no job too big or too small for us.

Here are testimonials from happy customers having received a full air con service from our garage pictured below.

“I had my air conditioning on my Yaris serviced today, with a full diagnostic check and re-gas, excellent service, good honest help and advice throughout, at last my A.C. doesn’t smell like mouldy bread. Thank you so much A1 Diagnostics some honest people, who don’t rip you off because you are female. Definitely worth the drive from Bridgend.

Our next five star review was given to us from a Mercedes vehicle owner, she was really happy after receiving a vehicle air conditioning service.

“Thank you for repairing my Mercedes A Class Airconditioning today, was in well need of some cold air today.”

So, to conclude, watch out for cheap air conditioning recharge deals, don’t go to a garage looking to make a quick buck to ship you in and ship you out as quickly as possible, the likely thing will be you will be shipping your car back to the garage sooner than you wanted to with the air con not working as it should. Get in touch with us and we will service your air conditioning top to bottom so it lasts and keeps you cool for the next 12 months.

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