Are you having problems with your Nissan Juke’s timing chain

Over the past year we have been writing about timing chain problems. We have seen a lot of problems with Nissan cars timing chains, problems such as the timing chain snapping, become damaged or is not running smoothly. A recent Nissan vehicle brought to the garage that was having timing chain problems is shown below.


We have been replacing a lot of timing chains on the Nissan Juke vehicle, we replaced one just last week. It is no wonder we have seen a lot of Nissan Jukes at our car garage, only recently in the past few years Nissan have been recalling 104,000 Nissan Jukes and have had to replace the timing chain because of a fault.

So if you think you have a problem with your Nissan Juke and the timing chain here are a few symptoms to look out for when out on the road.

Symptom 1

Is your engine cutting out at low speeds. This could be a symptom that the timing chain is damaged and needs replacing.

Symptom 2

Is your Nissan Juke vehicle giving you fault codes on the dashboard. Here are some examples of fault codes that may be visible when you have a timing chain problem.

P0334 – Nissan Camshaft Position Sensor Circuit

P0340 – Camshaft position fault

When these fault codes are present and visible then you more than likely have had an engine cut out and your Nissan Juke wont start, or the vehicle makes a grinding noise when trying to start, this is a classic sign of a timing chain fault and the timing chain needs replacing.

Symptom 3

Is your Nissan Juke shaking, rattling and receiving heavy vibrations. This can be another sign that you have a timing chain fault. If the timing chain is damaged then it can lead to vibrations.

If you think you are experiencing any of the symptoms mentioned above then it is important to get the Nissan Juke car checked out from our car garage pictured below.


If you leave it over time then the timing chain can snap when your driving out on the road. If the timing chain snaps and the vehicle comes to a sudden halt, this can cause serious engine damage. If your engine is damaged and beyond repair then an engine replacement can be costly, or an engine rebuild and recondition can lead to big costs hitting the wallet hard.

We can replace your timing chain for a minimal cost compared to the cost of replacing an engine that can lead into the thousands. It would be better for you to pay a couple of hundred pounds rather than a couple of thousand pounds, being able to sort out timing chain problems you are experiencing now will be more cost effective for you in the long run.

We invest in mechanics with years of experience all working together as a team servicing hundreds of vehicles with timing chain problems as shown in the photos below.


So get in touch we are here to help you and to ensure your drive out on the road is a smooth one.

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