Immobiliser Repairs Cardiff

Immobiliser Repairs Cardiff
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At A1 Diagnostics, we save you time and money by carrying out most of our immobiliser repair work by post. In the majority of cases, you will not have to bring your car to our Cardiff workshop, potentially saving you hundreds of pounds on the cost a trip to your main dealer.


When it comes to immobiliser bypass modules and other immobiliser repairs, we can identify and rectify faults quickly and have you back on the road in double-quick time. Our immobilising repair services include key coding, reprogramming and the cloning of remote controls.

Common immobiliser problems

Immobilisers are security devices that are fitted to many modern day vehicles to prevent the engine being started without the correct key. This system is highly effective at reducing vehicle theft, but unfortunately immobilisers can develop faults that mean you are unable to start your car.

Immobiliser problems can be caused by a wide range of issues, from key fobs that have lost their coding or transducer chips, to damaged or corroded wiring, faulty ECUs, faulty sensors, damaged receiver rings and many more.

Spotting a problem with the immobiliser is usually simple. If your ignition light is on and everything appears to be working normally, apart from the fact that the engine won’t turnover, then it’s likely to be an immobiliser problem.

Immobiliser repair and removal

Our experienced technicians spend much of their time repairing, removing and replacing immobilisers. We have the specialist equipment in-house to repair most immobiliser faults quickly. We can also order new immobiliser devices for our customers.

As we’ve said, the vast majority of immobiliser repairs can be completed by post. However, if you have cover with a vehicle breakdown service, we can also arrange for your car to be recovered to our Cardiff workshop. We also have our own vehicle recovery service to pick up, repair and even deliver your car.

Arrange your immobiliser repair

We can help you save on the cost of an expensive visit to your main dealer and get you back on the road for less. If you think you have an immobiliser problem, please get in touch using the contact details below to discuss your options.

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