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Key Coding Cardiff

Car Key Coding Cardiff
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At A1 Diagnostics, we provide a car key programming and replacement car key service for a huge range of vehicle types. This service is available to the motor trade and the general public, helping to unlock this common problem for less.


Many main dealers will tell you they have to code three keys for your vehicle, which can make car key coding an expensive process. Our experienced technicians can code just the one key, so you can keep the costs down and have the peace of mind you need.

The simple solution to a common problem

As part of EU law, all cars produced in Europe must now be factory fitted with an immobiliser system, which is designed to increase car security and reduce the number of thefts. Modern car keys have a concealed transponder chip that deactivates the car’s immobiliser. Most people think that the key is programmed to the car, but it is actually the other way around.

A problem with your car key has the potential to ruin your day, but for our experienced technicians, it is a simple problem to solve. We have sophisticated equipment which allows us to reprogram both ends of the system, providing you with new keys as well as immobiliser codes. If your original key has been damaged, we can also transfer the chip to a replacement key to help you on your way.

What car keys can we program?

We use a range of state-of-the-art coding tools to program keys for almost all car types. A very small number of cars produced after 2013 may still need to be coded by the main dealer, but we can advise you of the situation with your car if you give us a call.

In some cases, second hand cars only come with one key as others have been lost. In this case, we strongly recommend you get a second car key with a transponder chip that’s been correctly coded to your car. This could help to avoid a potentially expensive headache further down the line.

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