Audi air conditioning services and Audi air con regas, refill and recharge

We offer Audi vehicle air conditioning services at the right prices. We can regas the air con in your Audi car and ensure that when you leave our garage pictured below you stay cool out on the road.


Regassing your air con

We invest heavily in Audi air conditioning equipment. We ensure that when we recharge the gas in your Audi air conditioning system we do so to the exact specification needed on your Audi model.

Here are photos of a recent vehicle in the garage workshop having the air conditioning system regassed.

Audi air con services

Audi air con regas, recharge and refill equipment 

Car aircon repair

Whether your air conditioning system has ran out of gas or has become damaged don’t worry, we can repair it. In the summer when it’s warm we can service 5 to 10 Audi air con systems a day. We are well equipped to handle any air con requirements you have from our garage workshop where we have huge capacity shown below.

Our Audi air conditioning service centre 

Air Conditioning recharge cost

When we service the air conditioning system in your Audi car we always check and include the following.

• We pump tracer throughout your Audi car system to check for leaks in the air con system

• We pump through your Audi vehicle antibacterial clean and freshener

• We oil your pipes and pumps to ensure they are resealed and lubricated on your Audi air con system

• We gas refill the Audi air con system

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Our garage where we service Audi air conditioning systems 

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